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Kanva Mango flavor-infused shot is easily the most delicious shot on the market. Their bespoke formulation offers potent extract soaked in an aromatic flavor. 

Each bottle contains 120mg MIT.

Excellent choice for pre-workout or a mid-day pick-me-up without caffeine. 

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Kanva Botanicals Liquid Kratom Extract Shot is a delicious mango flavor-infused liquid shot. Kanva’s proprietary process makes for the juiciest, most delicious, and purest extract shot. This succulent, sweet, and strong kratom shot offers an experience like no other. With 120mg of mitragynine content, this shot provides an excellent energy boost to go through your day.  

Why Kanva Mango Liquid Shot?

The seasoned users know kratom has a hard-to-mask flavor that does not feel great on the palate. The bitter kratom taste pushes many users to choose capsules and pills instead of the powder. 

Kanava Botanicals has worked tirelessly to build a potent botanical extract that soaks perfectly in flavors. Each sip gives you the purest kratom kick, the most aromatic taste, and an incredible energy boost. 

If you are looking for a juicy, flavorful, and potent shot to gain energy and focus, this shot is for you. This liquid extract comes packed in a 15ml bottle and is on par with market high-end shots. 

Product Features
  • Mango infused flavor
  • 120mg MIT
  • 15ml bottle
1 review for Kanva Botanicals Liquid Kratom Extract Shot–120mg MIT
  1. Alvin

    The best Kratom Shot I ever tried! Must try!

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