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Nodzilla Kratom is a brand by Herbal Salvation – a manufacturer with a long history of producing ethnobotanical products. It is a homegrown business founded in 2012 by a husband-wife duo.

Nodzilla is a premium-grade product line famous for its potency and purity. They offer capsules, powder, and kratom shots under the banner of Nodzilla, but their kratom shots are the most popular among the other products.

These kratom shots offer a proprietary blend of premium-grade kratom and phenibut. The formulation and potency of this liquid kratom extract help it stand apart from others. Moreover, they add a flavor to mask the bitter kratom taste and make it easier for users to enjoy their dosage.

Their kratom shot is safe as it passes through rigorous in-house testing. They then get it tested from an independent third-party lab to ensure consistency, quality, and product safety.

Therefore, Nodzilla liquid shot is safe and delivers potent effects. The addition of phenibut to the formulation offers users a mild euphoria that makes users feel unwinded and relaxed.

Compared with similar products, their shots cost you less while offering powerful effects. It means you will get a greater bang for your buck.