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Gush is a vibrant and innovative sub-brand under Gush Extracts, specializing in crafting a delightful array of Kratom products.

Recognized for their commitment to quality and creativity, the brand has become a notable choice for Kratom enthusiasts seeking to explore the world of Kratom in a uniquely satisfying way.

Product Range

It offers a diverse range of Kratom products, each caters to the diverse preferences and needs of their customers. Their product categories include:

Kratom Extract Gummies

The brand is known for its delicious Kratom extract gummies, combining the benefits of Kratom with an array of delectable fruit flavors.

Kratom gummies offer a palatable and enjoyable way to experience Kratom, making it an excellent option for both newcomers and seasoned Kratom users.

Kratom Extract Gush Shots

For on-the-go users, Gush offers Kratom extract shots, providing a ready-to-consume option infused with the benefits of Kratom. These shots give ease of use and convenience.

Quality Assurance

It is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of Kratom products, upholding rigorous quality control measures that include:


Gush selects premium Kratom leaves from reputable sources to ensure top-tier raw materials.


Utilizing cutting-edge processing methods, Gush meticulously processes Kratom leaves to maintain the integrity of the alkaloids.


All products go through third-party lab testing, guaranteeing purity, quality, and safety.


Gush employs secure and airtight packaging to preserve product freshness and effectiveness.

Innovation and Creativity

Gush takes pride in its innovative approach to Kratom products, aiming to provide customers with a distinctive and enjoyable Kratom experience through a variety of creative formats and flavors.

Regulatory Compliance

The brand meticulously adheres to all relevant laws and regulations governing the sale of Kratom, ensuring responsible marketing and sales practices, including age restrictions.