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Kava, derived from the South Pacific kava plant, is a traditional beverage known for its calming properties. Recently, some have combined it with kratom from Southeast Asia for potential synergistic effects, balancing relaxation with energy and pain relief.

Formulations and Outcomes

This exceptional mix combines the strong properties of full-spectrum kratom extract with kava extract. The composition is precisely developed to combine the distinct properties of both plants, giving a harmonic combination that offers a holistic experience for consumers.

Effects & Benefits

Uplifting and Sustained Energy

Users experience a sustained burst of vitality, empowering you to tackle their day with enthusiasm and vigour.

Calm and clarity Focus

Achieve mental clarity and calm focus, allowing you to complete activities with accuracy and calm.

Elevated Mood

Rediscover inner pleasure and happiness as your mood soars, providing a sense of well-being.

Cognitive Enhancement

Enhance your cognitive abilities and mental sharpness, facilitating efficient decision-making and improving creativity.

Product Forms

The great kratom shop is available in different forms, which include shots, Cans and tablets. There are the following collections of products that Kratom Shop provides:

Shot Selection

For users who are seeking a quick and efficient boost, the great kratom collection of shots delivers a powerful combination of full-spectrum kratom extract and kava extract. It is a convenient solution for users on the go, providing both satisfaction and a diverse range of benefits.

Canned Concoctions

Step into a refreshing experience with  Kratom + Kava Fusion in a Can. Great kratom cans bring an amazing combination of these botanical extracts to your fingertips, making them ideal for individuals who prefer a ready-to-drink style. This product is also available in 2 flavours which are citrus and berry.

Tablet Treasures

Tablets are a measured and easy solution for people who seek accuracy and control over their dosage. The tablet selection includes the harmonic combination of kratom and kava in your daily life. Whether you want more energy, mental clarity, mood elevation, or cognitive enhancement, their tablets offer a discreet and portable option that allows you to reap benefits whenever and wherever you choose.


The Great Kratom Shop offers a diverse selection of products sourced from various reputable brands, each contributing to the shop’s commitment to quality and variety. Among the featured brands are Alternative Tonics, known for its unique formulations, Kanva Botanicals, recognized for its botanical expertise, New, a brand synonymous with innovation, Tyson 2.0, providing distinct offerings, and Pure Infinity Botanicals, renowned for its commitment to pure and high-quality botanicals.