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Mystic Labs is a trusted manufacturer of Delta 8, Delta-9, and kratom products. Their kratom product line includes kratom gummies and kratom liquid shots.

The in-house large manufacturing facility, focus on quality, and dedicated quality control teams allow Mystic Labs to offer the highest quality products. They use expert food scientists, research and development experts, formulators, and quality assurance managers to ensure their products meet the highest quality and safety standards.

All product batches are thoroughly in-house lab tested while passing through multiple QC checkpoints to ensure they boast the highest quality, potency, and safety.

Their kratom gummies and kratom shots offer the highest quality and max-strength kratom experience. They infuse their gummies with a delicious mixed berry flavor and offer 300mg of premium quality kratom extract per piece. You will get 150mg of kratom extract from each serving of their liquid kratom shot. 

They use a combination of in-house and independent lab testing to ensure their products are legal, safe, and effective.

They offer their gummies and shots in regular and high potencies; they ensure there is something for everyone. 

We, at the Great Kratom Shop, have included Mystic Labs in our product line after carefully vetting their kratom products. You can trust their products to enjoy the best possible kratom experience.