Mystic Labs Kratom Gummy comes in a pack of 5 gummies. Each gummy offers 30mg of kratom extract infused with mixed berry flavor.

These gummies provide you with wellness support but also offer a delicious taste.

Mystic Labs gummies offer the best alternative to enjoying the natural goodness of the kratom plant.

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Mystic Labs Kratom Gummy

Mystic Labs Kratom Gummy offers a fun alternative to benefit from the kratom. It frees you from the hassle of handling powder and calculating your dosage. 

These gummies with the natural goodness of kratom and a delicious flavor are sure to become a regular favorite. Their great mixed berry flavor will shake your taste buds, and you will enjoy these gummies from beginning to end. 

Each bag packed with 5 gummies offer 150mg of Mitragynine, and you will get 30MIT content delivery with each gummy. 

These gummies offer a perfect way to meet your wellness needs at home, on the go, or at the workplace.  



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