Blaze Kratom Noobs is a gummy coated in nerd-type gummy. It masks the bitter and earthy taste of kratom, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of kratom in a flavorful way.

Each gummy contains 30MIT kratom content, we recommend two gummies per serving to get an optimum dose.

These gummies are delicious, discreet, and contain a premeasured amount of kratom. Easy to carry around and convenient to take at time and point of your choice.

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Blaze Kratom Noobs

Blaze Kratom Noobs is a first-of-its-kind kratom edible.  Each kratom noob is a gummy coated in a nerd type-candy. This outrightly delicious gummy offers a new way to enjoy the beneficial effects of kratom.

Knowing about the varying kratom needs of the users, Blaze Kratom continues to innovate kratom edibles available in the market.

These kratom noobs contain approximately 30MIT or mitragynine content masked in an insanely delicious flavor. 

Why should I buy the Blaze kratom Noobs?

The users report the bitter earthy taste of kratom as the main hurdle to using it as a daily wellness supplement. Blaze Kratom offered a solution by masking this bitter taste with a delicious flavor. Moreover, these kratom edibles come with a pre-measured amount of kratom which saves you from messing around to measure a dose for you.

These kratom noobs offer a win-win for the kratom users. You not only enjoy the all-natural benefits associated with the kratom plant but without the traditional bitterness of kratom. 

How long before the Blaze Kratom Noob takes effect?

Each person has a unique response to a specific dose of kratom, a typical serving takes effect in 30-45 minutes. These kratom noobs with their burst of energetic outgoing feeling offer an incredible kratom experience. 

We recommend 2 gummies which are equivalent to 60MIT. 

Where to buy Blaze Kratom Noobs?

These gummies will be available at your local shops/ CBD stores. We stock these gummies here at the Great Kratom Shop and deliver them to your doorstep through a discreet and quick shipping service.


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