Are you looking for high-potency kratom gummies that feel perfectly delicious in the mouth? Koi Kratom Extract Infused Gummies 500mg make the best choice.

Each gummy delivers a whopping 50mg alkaloid content wrapped in three mouth-watering flavors.


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Koi Kratom Extract Infused Gummies 500mg

Koi Kratom Extract Infused Gummies 500mg is Koi’ first product offering the benefits of kratom. These kratom-infused gummies reflect their commitment to bringing plant-based goodness to help people improve their wellness. 

These gummies come in 10ct jars, and each gummy contains 50mg of pure mitragynine and natural flavoring. Koi turn their gummies into delicious snacks by adding mouthwatering flavors. You can enjoy these gummies in Berry Punch, Strawberry Apple, and Sour Lemon flavors. 

The users rate kratom gummies on two factors: potency and ability to mask the kratom’s bitter flavor. Koi have brought their craft of extract to draw kratom extracts with robust alkaloid profiles. 

These full-spectrum gummies include 50mg of pure mitragynine which make them one of the most potent gummies available on the market. Unlike other gummies that contain 20 to 30mg of alkaloid content, Koi Kratom Gummies offer a whopping 50mg per piece. One reason for the lower potency of kratom gummies is the difficulty in masking the bitter kratom taste. The more kratom content a gummy has, the more challenging it is to mask the bitter kratom taste. 

Koi has successfully addressed these issues and offer highly potent kratom edibles with incredible flavors. 

Can you use kratom gummies for energy?

Kratom gummies offer a clean source of getting plant-based energy. The kratom plant contains over 50 varying alkaloids while two of them are the most famous among all:  mitragynine and  7 hydroxy mitragynine.

The first alkaloid offers stimulating energy and is a good source of getting energy, while later is known for sedating and analgesic effects. Users will get a burst of energy, pain relief, and mood-uplifting effects from using these gummies. 

Flavor profiles
  • Strawberry Apple
  • Sour Lemon
  • Berry Punch
Product features
  • 10ct jar (500mg active ingredients)
  • 50mg Mitragynine Per Gummy
  • Available In 3 Flavors
  • Energizing Properties
  • Lab Tested For Safety And Potency
Additional information

Berry Punch, Strawberry Apple, Sour Lemon


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