Natures Gold brings a potent kratom liquid extract to the market. 

Each 10ml shot contains 1-3 servings of full-spectrum alkaloids and 120mg mitragynine content.

Naturally flavored with lime. 

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Natures Gold Reserve Full Spectrum Liquid Kratom Extract

Natures Gold Reserve Full Spectrum Liquid Kratom Extract is a 10ml potent kratom liquid extract shot. The use of advanced extraction methods enabled Natures Gold to retain the maximum alkaloid content of the plant. Their 10ml kratom shot is brimmed with full-spectrum alkaloids and 120mg pure mitragynine content.

Each 3.3ml of this liquid extract is equivalent to 2-3 grams of kratom powder. If you are looking at the higher end of the spectrum, the entire 10ml bottle would be 9 grams of leaf powder.

The high mitragynine content and full-spectrum alkaloid profile help Natures Gold Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract shot join the ranks of OPMS and Hush Kratom

Natures Gold has added a crisp lime juice flavor to mask the bitter kratom taste. That delicious taste makes taking a kratom shot fun. 

Benefits of full-spectrum kratom products

Full-spectrum kratom products contain broader diversity of plant alkaloids. Kratom has over 50 alkaloids, many of which are in trace amounts. All these cannabinoids play a role synergistically in producing effects. 

The scientific evidence shows kratom plant boasts multiple alkaloids. One study found 24 alkaloids in Red Bali Kratom. 

Full-spectrum product contains a range of alkaloids that ensures you get maximum from your kratom experience. 

Product features
  • 10ml Bottle
  • Contains 1-3 Servings 
  • Full Spectrum Kratom Extract
  • 120mg Mitragynine Per Bottle
  • Natural Lime Juice Flavoring
  • Lab Tested For Safety And Potency

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