MIT 45 Liquid Kratom Extract Shot is a potent kratom tincture that you can take to meet your wellness needs.

This kratom shot containing full spectrum kratom extract produces potent effects that may last several hours.

We offer affordable prices and fast shipments to offer users the best kratom experience.

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MIT 45 Liquid Kratom Shot Extract

MIT 45 Liquid Kratom Shot Extract is one of the most potent tinctures that offers a highly concentrated alkaloid punch. They utilize an advanced extraction process to extract alkaloids from the potent Maeng Da kratom strain. They process their products in a Certified CGMP facility located in Holland to ensure high product quality. 

The high concentration of alkaloids makes this kratom tincture a perfect wellness product. MIT 45 Liquid Kratom Shot became users’ favorite due to its high quality and consistency. You can enjoy the beneficial effects of kratom without experiencing any typical smell or taste of kratom. 

This liquid Shot by MIT is 100% natural, unadulterated, and unflavored full spectrum tincture. It is warmly referred to as ‘liquid gold’ or having effects like ‘rocket fuel’.

What does MIT 45 Liquid Kratom Shot do?

MIT 45 gets its name after its 45% concentration, and it is a potent tincture. Mitragynine is an indole-based alkaloid and the most abundant active ingredient in kratom. You can enjoy several health benefits by incorporating this tincture into your daily wellness routine; a few of them include the following.

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Provides focus
  • Addresses pain
  • Boosts energy

Whether you need to ease out your worries or boost your energy, MIT 45 tincture provides you with all the required benefits without having any side effects like nausea, dramatic crashing, or cloudy-headedness. 

You may experience effects within minutes after taking this tincture which may last for several hours. Once effects subside, there is no harsh crash or feeling of nausea. 

This tincture comes in a portable bottle and allows you to enjoy your kratom dose on the go. It offers unprecedented flexibility, and you can enjoy your kratom dose at a point and time of your choice. 

The effects of MIT Kratom Shot?

This tincture supports the body’s immune system, reduces insomnia, and relieves pain. The users report an overall improvement in their mood, mental functioning, and focus.

This tincture provides natural wellness support without any side effects. However, we recommend starting small and gradually increasing your intake to achieve optimal benefits.


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