K Shot Kratom Liquid Extract offers high concentration of active alkaloids packed in 15ml bottle.

The potent liquid extract is sufficient for three 5ml servings. 

This kratom helps you accomplished your daily tasks without feeling depleted by end of the day. 

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K Shot Kratom Liquid Extract

K Shot Kratom Liquid Extract is a quality product that offers all the beneficial effects you need to boost your wellness. Coming from a reputable kratom brand known for the quality and consistency of its products, the users say nothing but good things in regard to the quality of their products.

K Shot uses 100% natural concentrate packed with maximum alkaloids to provide an incredible kratom experience. Blending all-natural pure alkaloids, K Shot offers a natural source to get relaxed energy and a sense of well-being. 

This liquid shot is perfect for professionals and students who need an extra energy push to accomplish their daily tasks. These liquid kratom shots offer a convenient way to incorporate this energy booster into your daily routine. You can easily carry it around and use it on the go to enjoy the beneficial effects of kratom. 

This liquid extract shot with alkaloids extracted from the legendary Maeng Da Kratom strain offers uplifting energy and mood enhancement.

Each bottle contains 15ml of this potent liquid extract; we recommend breaking it down into three servings of 5ml. 

  •  Purified H2O,
  • Vegetable USP Kosher Glycerin,
  • M. Speciosa Alkaloids,
  • Ascorbic acid,
  • and Citric acid.
Why is K shot so popular?

Despite having a higher price tag, K-shot is a reputable kratom liquid shot, and customers have nothing but good things to say about it. The main reason behind its popularity is the fact IT WORKS. 

This hand-crafted 15ml tincture is a blend of the most popular, energizing strain – Maeng Da Kratom. K Shot liquid packed with the highest concentration of active alkaloids offers relaxing and stimulating effects. 

  • A unique, rare, and outstanding product.
  • Botanical Herbal Extract
  • 9 grams of high-quality Kratom leaf per bottle
  • Made in the USA

We at the Great Kratom Shop decided to include K Shot Kratom Extract Liquid into our product line after making sure of its quality and consistency. You would love our prices and fast shipment even more. We believe in transparency and would like to share maximum informaiton with our customers helping them make informed decisions. 



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