Club 13 is well-known for masterfully crafting highly effective kratom strains. They offer a proprietary blend of green and gold veins kratom to help users enjoy a blissful experience.

They offer the natural goodness of kratom both in capsule and powder forms, perfect to get feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and pain relief.

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Club 13 Bliss Blend Kratom 

Club 13 Bliss Blend Kratom Powder is a hand-picked blend of premium green vein and gold vein kratom. As its name suggests, this blend takes you to a state of pure bliss, perfect for unwinding after long working hours. 

You can enjoy the beneficial effects of this bliss kratom blend in powder and capsule forms. 

Why choose Bliss Blend Kratom?

Club 13 has been in the kratom space since 1999, enough to tell about their history and dedication. They source all their ingredients directly from Indonesia with a mission to deliver the highest quality, all-natural products to their users.

Club 13 gets its products tested by independent labs to ensure their products contain consistent alkaloid content and are safe to consume. Each batch tested for foreign elements such as mold, fungus, yeast, and biological pathogens ensures every time you get a potent and clean kratom product.

What effects should you expect?

You will get a blend of green and gold kratom veins’ benefits after using this kratom powder. The green vein is well-known for euphoria, mood-uplifting, and pain-relieving effects. On the other hand, the gold kratom vein packed with 7-hydroxymitragynine content helps induce a sense of calm with mild euphoric effects.

Together these two kratom strains create a real blissful kratom experience.

Bliss Blend Kratom Capsules

Taking kratom in capsule form has several advantages. First, capsules mask the bitter taste of kratom and are virtually tasteless. Second, Club 13 capsules come with a pre-determined quantity of kratom, making them easier to take on the go.

The Bliss blend capsules come in 25 ct, 50 ct, and 120 ct bottles, and each capsule contains approximately 0.95 gm of kratom.

Bliss Blend Kratom Powder

Club 13 offers their kratom powder in varying strains. If you are new to kratom, each kratom strain possesses distinctive effects. It allows users to choose a kratom strain that best serves their wellness goals.

You can choose from three bag sizes 30 gm, 60 gm, and 90 gm.



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