Club 13 Maeng Da Green Kratom offers balanced effects to help you boost your wellness. You can choose from powder and capsule forms which are available in varying bag sizes and bottles.

This strain by Club 13 can help you perfect relieving, relaxing, and mood-enhancing effects. 

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Club 13 Maeng Da Green Kratom

Club 13 Maeng Da Green Kratom offers balanced effects of Green Maeng Da Kratom in capsule and powder forms. The green vein is well-known for its relieving and relaxing properties. This strain is perfect for beginners and seasoned users as it offers a blend of white and red vein strains.

Why Green Maeng Da kratom?

Green Maeng Da kratom is a genetically modified and potent strain. One dose of this strain can deliver more effects than any other strain can do. 

If you love to enjoy the combined effects of white and red Maeng Da kratom strains, Green Maeng Da makes the ultimate choice for you. People use this strain to uplift their mood, get an energy boost, seek pain relief, and enjoy mild euphoria. 

Powder or capsules?

Club 13 offers Green Maeng Da kratom in powder and capsule forms. Whether you choose to enjoy the effects of this strain in powder or capsule form, you will not be disappointed. 

If you want to combine kratom dose with your favorite recipes and drinks, the powder offers a perfect choice. The powder comes in varying packs; you can choose from 30 gm, 90 gm, 150 gm, and 1 pound bags. 

On the other hand, capsules deliver a precise quantity of kratom and help users get an accurate dose. Moreover, they are convenient to carry around and allow users to get a discreet kratom experience at a time and place of their choice. Overall, the users prefer capsules for a combination of preciseness and convenience. 

You can get capsules in 30 ct, 50 ct, and 120 ct bottles. Each capsule will deliver you 0.95 gm of kratom content. 

Why Club 13?

Club 13 is a reputed manufacturer of kratom products. They use their experience and knowledge to offer multiple kratom products to meet the wellness needs of their users. They begin with sourcing their ingredients directly from Indonesia. 

The focus on quality and purity has made their products stand apart from other products on the market. Their Green Maeng Da Kratom is no exception. 

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Maeng Da Green Powder, Maeng Da Green Capsules

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30g, 90g, 150g, 1 Pound, 25ct, 50ct, 120ct


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