OPMS Black Kratom Extract Capsules deliver a highly concentrated kratom extract to offer a kratom experience like no else. 

These capsules are highly potent and suitable for users who want to experience something that can hit them hard.

The seasoned users should not take more than one capsule at a time. 

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OPMS Black Kratom Extract Capsules

OPMS Black Kratom Extract Capsules contains concentrated alkaloids that offer a potent kratom experience. They use a proprietary extraction method involving a high-pressure cold water press that enables them to retain the majority of naturally occurring alkaloids.

They preserve the natural goodness of alkaloids to offer a kratom experience like no else. Their products boast high quality and consistency, regarded widely as industry standards. 


Each OPMS Black Capsule contains 310mg of Mitragyna Speciosa, approximately 150gm of Mitragynine content, and less than 7mg of 7-OH-Mitragynine. This high kratom content makes these capsules suitable for individuals who want to experience the potent effects of kratom.


OPMS Black Kratom Extract Capsules made from a potent kratom strain, Maeng Da can pack a punch. They provide instant pain relief and energy boost. One capsule is enough to experience the range of effects. The best thing about these capsules is you will experience effects straight away, and no need to take more than one capsule at a time, unlike most other brands.


OPMS capsules are highly potent, and even one capsule is enough for seasoned users to feel the effects. These capsules come in easy-to-swallow form, and you can easily take them at the time and point of your choice. If you are new to kratom, avoid this product to save yourself from getting unwanted side effects. 

Why should I take kratom capsules?

Capsules are a popular way to incorporate kratom into the daily wellness routine for multiple reasons. Capsules made of easy-to-swallow gel are convenient to take and are popular among both experienced and new users. They deliver a precise amount of kratom, and you do not need to use any scale to calculate your required dose. The kratom capsules prove exceptional when you need to be discreet about what you are taking in public.

 OPMS Black Capsules enjoy massive popularity due to their high quality and consistency. We, the Great Kratom Shop, decided to include them into our product line to offer users a high-quality and potent kratom product.

These highly potent capsules offer the best option for seasoned users who want to experience something powerful that can punch them hard. Therefore, we included this product in our kratom line to ensure we have something for everyone. 

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