Prof Whyte’s Kratom Capsules offer a premium kratom experience. They blend different kratom strains to create unique effects.

Whether you want to feel an energy boost or a calming effect, they have a specific blend to meet your needs.

These capsules come in packings of  50 and 200 capsules. Get 50 capsules, if you prefer less, and go for 200 capsules packing if you want more. 

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Prof Whyte’s Kratom Capsules

Prof Whyte’s Kratom Capsules offer the natural goodness of kratom with perfect ease and convenience. They use leaves of kratom plants grown in Fareast countries to crush them to the powder form. This powder packed into capsules allows users to take their kratom dose conveniently with perfect ease.

The leaves of the plant contain chemical compounds called alkaloids. These compounds interact with the body’s nervous system to produce multiple health and wellness benefits. People use powder to treat their various conditions, such as sleep deprivation, anxiety, pain, and more.

These capsules are available in packings of 50 and 200 kratom capsules and four various strain profiles. Prof Whyte’s blends different kratom strains to create unique effects for the users. You may choose from the following blends.

  • Uplift
  • Euphoria
  • Calm
  • Trainwreck

Each kratom blend produces distinctive effects; for example, uplift with red vein blending offers an energy boost with focus and clarity. Calm is a blend of green vein strain that produces a claiming effect. This blend helps users ease their stresses and improve their night’s sleep.

Prof Whyte’s blends white and green vein strains that let users experience euphoria. The effects of this blend boost sociability, improve productivity, and reduces stress and anxiety.

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Additional information
Kratom Blend Options

Uplift, Euphoria, Calm, Trainwreck

# of Capsules

50 ct, 200 ct


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