Club 13 Extra Strength Kratom Capsules are similar to Club’s regular capsules, but they contain higher concentrations of alkaloids.

The high alkaloid concentration makes these capsules highly potent and offers a powerful kratom experience. You can get these capsules in varying strains packed in 25ct to 50ct bottles.

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Club 13 offers their capsules in regular potency and extra strength. Both capsule types are similar, but extra-strength capsules contain a higher concentration of alkaloids

Club 13 has long been in the kratom space; they know well the varying kratom needs of the users. They went the extra mile to add an additional quantity of alkaloids to offer users a highly potent kratom experience. 

Each capsule delivers you premium quality 0.95 gm of kratom. Both regular and potent kratom capsules have similar kratom quantities, but the higher concentration of alkaloids makes them different. You can get these capsules in 25 ct and 50 ct bottles.

Why choose extra strength capsules?

Trying Club 13 extra strength capsules can prove your best bet if you want an extra kick from your kratom dose. By adding an additional amount of powerhouse alkaloids, Club 13 offers higher potency kratom capsules. The good thing about these extra-strength capsules is they come in varying strains, such as Maeng Da.

You can get all these strains in regular and potent capsules. Beginners can enjoy regular potency capsules, while seasoned users can try their extra-potent kratom capsules. 

Available Strains
  • Red Bali
  • Maeng Da Red
  • Maeng Da Green
  • Maeng Da White
  • Indo White
  • Kali Gold
  • Green Malay
  • Horn
  • Connoisseur Blend
  • Executive Blend
  • Bliss Blend
Who should use these capsules?

These extra potent capsules are perfect for individuals looking to get an extra kick from their kratom dose. The higher-potency capsules are suitable for kratom connoisseurs. 

You will experience the effects of strains, such as green Malay strain and red Bali. But, their effects will be more pronounced due to the high infusion of alkaloids.

Why Club 13 Kratom?

Club 13 is an innovative kratom company that keeps introducing products to match their users’ needs better. They offer their products in varying potencies for beginners and seasoned kratom users. The purity and high quality have made their products popular among kratom lovers. 

They manufacture their products to deliver the maximum benefits you can expect from a kratom product. 

Additional information
Type Of Capsules

Bali Red Capsules, Maeng Da Red Capsules, Maeng Da Green Capsules, Maeng Da White Capsules, Indo White Capsules, Kali Gold Capsules, Green Malay Capsules, Connoisseur Blend Capsules, Horn Capsules, Executive Blend Capsules, Bliss Blend Capsules


25ct, 50ct


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