Club 13 Liquid Kratom Extract Shot is a premium blend of powerful strains. It is suitable for seasoned users. 

The original shot delivers 95mg of mitragynine and the extra strength shot offers 150mg of mitragynine packed in a 10ml bottle.

This shot provides instant and long-lasting effects. Perfect to use on-the-go kratom experience. 

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Club 13 Liquid Kratom Extract Shot

Club 13 Liquid Kratom Extract Shot is a premium quality kratom shot from a reputed kratom manufacturer. This liquid extract shot comes in two variations: regular potency and an extra strong shot. 

The regular shot contains 95mg of mitragynine while the extra strong version offers 15omg of mitragynine alkaloid packed in a 10ml bottle. 

This liquid extract offers a premium blend of the most potent kratom strains. Whether you choose the regular version or an extra potent one, you are sure to get instant and long-lasting effects. You no need to take caffeine and other additives to improve your mood and motivation. 

Club 13 has blended this liquid kratom extract shot for seasoned users who want to experience an extra kick from their kratom dose. These shots are much more potent and fast-acting than Club 13 capsules and powder.

Each bottle contains 10ml of potent liquid extract suitable for people who want to enjoy an on-the-go kratom experience. 

These extract shots are now available at the Great Kratom Shot. You can enjoy a premium kratom experience for an affordable price. 

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Single Bottle, Case (15 Bottles)


Original Shot (95MIT), Extra Strength (150MIT)


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