Blaze Kratom Gold Coffee Flavored Extract Shot contains highly concentrated alkaloids packed in a 10ml bottle.

With unprecedented quality and consistency, this shot by Blaze Kratom rivals an established shot maker, OPMS.

You get incredible effects within 15-20 minutes of taking these shots.

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Blaze Kratom Gold Coffee Flavored Extract Shot

Blaze Kratom Gold Coffee Flavored Extract Shot is a new addition to the kratom shot space. With the latest extraction method and strict quality control, Blaze Kratom is one of the few companies that can rival established kratom extract shot makers OPMS.

They use high-pressure/cold-water diffusion to produce an exceptionally concentrated kratom extract. This in-house developed extraction process allows Blaze Kratom to preserve chemically active alkaloids in their natural state. 

The products produced using the cold method boast the highest alkaloid concentration, which is a reason for their high market price. The full-spectrum extract extracted using this method retains 95% of alkaloid content and is the most potent form of kratom extract on the market. 

Product features
  • 10ml bottle of concentrated kratom extract
  • Three servings per bottle
How to use Blaze Kratom Extract Shot?

Blaze Kratom shot is suitable for oral consumption. Most kratom shots carry a hard-to-mask earthy and bitter taste. This kratom shot by Blaze Kratom is different, and it comes with notes of coffee flavoring.

This kratom shot is highly potent; we suggest users should not exceed the recommended serving.

How long does Blaze Kratom Shot take to activate?

Blaze Kratom shot is a full-spectrum shot made using the cold extraction method. Its high alkaloid content makes it highly effective, and the effects will hit you within 15-20 minutes of taking these shots. 

Where to buy Blaze Kratom Gold Kratom Shot?

Blaze Kratom is available in several stores and shops across the United States. You can purchase Blaze Kratom shots conveniently here at the Great Kratom Shop. We maintain maximum transparency through our processes. We make fast, discreet shipments right to your doorstep.



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