Blaze Kratom Extract RED RELAXED Tincture is a highly concentrated tincture. You will get 150mg extract packed in a 30ml bottle.

Its incredible relaxing properties help you feel unwind while its sweet mango flavor will satisfy your sweet tooth.

The best tincture to feel relaxed and stress-free after a long hectic day. 

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Blaze Kratom Extract RED RELAXED Tincture

Blaze Kratom Extract RED RELAXED Tincture offers a concentrated 1500mg kratom extract packed in a 30ml bottle. 

What is kratom extract tincture?

Kratom tinctures are kratom extract suspended in specific flavorings. The Red Relaxed tincture by Blaze Kratom offers a concentrated dosage of red vein kratom, offering you soothing and relaxing effects like no one else. 

This tincture comes in a 30ml bottle; each dropper full offers approximately 30mg of kratom extract. The red vein strain boasts sedative properties ideal for elevated mood and relaxation. The mellow effect of red kratom strains makes them perfect for individuals who want to avoid stimulating feelings.

How do I use Blaze Kratom Extract RED Relaxed?

You can use a dropper to calculate your dose. A full dropper will give you approximately 50mg of the concentrated tincture. We recommend starting with a half dropper, and then you can increase or decrease your dosage to get optimum effects. 

This tincture will help you unwind and ease things; its powerful relaxing properties will lead you to a pure relaxed state. Its sweet mango flavor provides a flavorful kratom experience by masking the bitter taste of kratom. 

Where can I buy Blaze Kratom Extract RED Relaxed Tincture?

Blaze Kratom is a new brand launched in the hemp space. It is available in stores and shops nationwide. The Great Kratom Shop offers this tincture online and ships it directly to your doorstep using a discreet shipping process. 



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