Blaze Kratom Extract GREEN ENERGY Tincture contains 1500mg of highly concentrated kratom.

Each dose of this tincture gives you the highest amount of alkaloids, little lasts longer.

This kratom tincture comes fitted with a dropper to measure your dose conveniently. A half dropper gives you 25mg of premium quality kratom infused in delicious sweet mango flavor. 

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Blaze Kratom Extract GREEN ENERGY Tincture offers you 1500mg of premium quality kratom packed in a 30ml bottle. The kratom in tincture form allows users to take their daily wellness support in a convenient way.

What is kratom tincture?

Kratom tincture contains oil or kratom extract infused in suspension with varying flavors. Kratom in tincture form presents the highest concentration of alkaloids, and you get maximum effects from a small dose. 

Each full dropper delivers you approximately 100mg of kratom extract. Being in concentrated form, you will get the highest amount of alkaloids in each dose of kratom tincture. Blaze Kratom uses sweet mango flavoring to mask the bitter taste of kratom. Each drop will not only deliver you the natural goodness of kratom but also an insanely delicious flavor. 

Green kratom tincture is perfect for individuals looking to experience an energy boost and uplifting feelings. These effects might accompany enhanced endurance to let you feel fantastic. 

Green Kratom tincture increases the blood flow in the body and more nutrients are supplied to your vital body cells that improving metabolism. It is a perfect sweet mango-infused pick-me-up wellness supplement.

Kratom is a potential supplement to boost sex drive that adds balance to your personality. Green strain boasts aphrodisiac effects that can make you sexually more active by promoting your sexual urge.

What dose of Blaze Kratom Extract Green Energy should I use?

This tincture comes with a dropper that allows easy dosing. We suggest a half dropper which is equivalent to 50mg of kratom, to begin with, and gradually increase or decrease your dose to find an optimum kratom dose ideal for your needs.

Where can I buy Blaze Kratom Extract Green Energy Tincture?

Blaze Kratom is a new brand in the kratom space, slowly rolling out its products to stores and distributors across the country. The Great Kratom Shop, after in-house testing, decided to make it a part of our incredible kratom product line. We make secure and discreet shipments; that reach your door in the minimum possible time. 

Product Features
  • Dropper fitted for easy dosing
  • 1500mg 
  • Highly concentrated
  • 30ml bottle

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