Chief Kratom Concentrate Liquid Shot is a new water-soluble kratom extract that offers a premium kratom experience.

The highest concentration of alkaloids ensures you get the maximum wellness support you need to do well. 


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Chief Kratom Concentrate Liquid Shot is not just another kratom shot that you can buy from the market. Unlike most kratom manufacturers, they use the cold water method to maximize alkaloid extraction. Chief Kratom shot boasts the highest concentration of alkaloids and offers a premium kratom experience. 

Liquid extracts with high alkaloid concentrations are more potent than powder extracts and offer users quick and long-lasting effects. 

Why Choose Chief Kratom Concentrate Shot Over Other Brands?

The cold extraction method allows Chief Kratom to draw maximum alkaloids from the plant matter. You will get a complete range of naturally occurring alkaloids in each shot of their liquid concentrate. A little of these shots will go a long way.

Chief Kratom gets all products rigorously third-party tested to ensure product quality and consistency. Their focus on quality and purity enabled them to offer safe, quality products at the lowest prices.

Their liquid shots boast high alkaloid concentration to offer users an incredible kratom experience.

What is Kratom Liquid Extract?

Kratom liquid extract obtained from crushing and boiling high-quality kratom leaves results in a complete range of naturally occurring alkaloids. Kratom liquid extract boasts the highest concentration of major alkaloids – mitragynine 7 and Hydroxymitragynine. The liquid extracts come in teas, tinctures, oils, and shots forms.

Liquid Extracts are more potent than powder extracts and leave long-lasting effects due to their high alkaloid concentration. 

How long until I feel the effects of my shot?

When you take these liquid kratom shots on an empty stomach, you may experience the effects in 20 minutes. But when you take them after having a heavy meal, the kratom effects can take up to an hour to hit your body. The users report feeling more focused and invigorated after using this extract.

  • Distilled water
  • vegetable glycerine
  • natural and artificial stabilizers
  • malic acid
Mitragyna content

Total Alkaloid Content: 160mg

Mitragynine Content: 77mg

7-OH Mitragynine Content: 2mg


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