Hush Nano Kratom Shot contains kratom extract equivalent to 9gms of plain leaf powder packed in a 10ml bottle.

The nano-technology allows Hush Kratom to offer high concentrations of alkaloids with a delicious flavor.

These shots boasting their potent effects and flavor offer a bang for your buck.

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Hush Nano Kratom Shot

Hush Nano Kratom Shot is the most advanced kratom extract made using the latest nanotechnology. The nano-technology enabled Hush Kratom to increase the kratom alkaloids concentration making it one of the most potent shots. They have formulated these nano kratom shots to meet the needs of seasoned users who want to experience powerful kratom effects.

The nano kratom shot set itself apart from others due to its distinctive properties. Hush Nano kratom Shot provides a more rapid onset in which users experience a soother and sustained release of effects.

Not only do the effects last longer but this kratom shot leaves a delicious taste in the mouth. You will get kratom extract equivalent to 9gm of plain leaf powder, sufficient for multiple servings. 

We offer these nano shots at the Great Kratom Shop after making sure they meet the highest quality and consistency standards. 


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