HUSH HK Kratom Extract Shot contains kratom extract equivalent to 6gm of kratom leaf powder packed in a 1oml bottle.

This kratom shot is 20% stronger than Hush Kratom’s other similar products. You will get a highly concentrated kratom shot with the same familiar taste and effects we all know and love.

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HUSH HK Kratom Extract Shot

HUSH HK Kratom Extract Shot is a 20% stronger full-spectrum kratom extract shot. The taste and consistent effects all will make you fall head over heels for the HK kratom shot. 

This shot contains kratom extract equivalent to 6 grams of plain leaf kratom powder packed in a 10ml bottle. It is an incredible product when you need a quick on-the-go energy boost. The liquid extract shot is popular because it offers a convenient way to enjoy the beneficial natural effects of kratom. You do not need to messing around to measure your daily dose. 

HK kratom extract shot offers concentrated alkaloids extracted from full-spectrum Mitragyna Speciosa. New users can enjoy the benefits of liquid kratom extract shots to boost their health and wellness. While seasoned users can take larger doses to experience the highly potent effects of the HK kratom shot. 

HUSH is a reputable name in the kratom space known for the quality and consistency of their products. They have developed in-house capabilities to manufacture products that meet the highest quality, consistency, and safety standards. They understand the varying needs of kratom users, therefore their products provide the best solution to meet those needs.

At the Great Kratom Shop, we ensure every product in our product line offers incredible quality and effects. Only products boasting the highest quality, safety, and consistency standards find a place in our racks. Hush HK kratom shot is no exception, you will love the kratom experience these shots will offer you. 

We deliver value for your money by charging affordable prices and making quick shipments. Our processes are transparent and we share maximum information with our customers to allow them to make informed purchase decisions. 


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