K-Shot Black Extra Strength Shot is a new liquid extract that provides a potent experience.

This 10ml bottle contains potent Maeng Da kratom extract.

Enjoy clean high and energy in one shot.

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K-Shot Black Extra Strength Liquid Kratom Extract Shot is an ultra-potent kratom shot made from the Maeng Da strain. They have used their proprietary extraction method plus new techniques to isolate alkaloids and create a much more concentrated kratom extract. 

This kratom shot is highly potent and rivals other concentrated extract shots in the market, such as OPMS Black

What makes Black Extra Strength Liquid Kratom Extract Shot different?

Black Extra Strength Liquid Shot offers all the benefits you can expect from a kratom shot. It is portable and highly potent. You can easily carry it around and conveniently use it to take your kratom dose. Due to the highly concentrated nature of this kratom extract, only a small quantity is enough to meet your needs. 

There are certain features in which K-Shot Black Extra Strength Liquid Kratom Extract Shot beats its rival products on the market. First, K-Shot uses the latest extraction method to extract maximum alkaloids from the plant matter making Black Extra Strength Shot one of the most potent kratom shots. Second, they used Maeng Da’s leaves for alkaloid extraction.

This kratom strain is famous for its rich alkaloid profile. Any product made using Maeng Da kratom offers more alkaloids than other strains. 

K-Shot has done everything possible in the books to manufacture a shot that packs a punch. This extra potent kratom shot comes packed in a 10ml bottle and is made to offer a different kind of kratom experience

Product Features

  • 10ml Bottle
  • 2 Servings Per Bottle
  • Kratom Extract
  • Extra Strength


  • Purified Water, Vegetable USP, 
  • Kosher Glycerin, M Speciosa Extract, 
  • Ascorbic Acid, and Citric Acid.

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