Mystic Labs MIT150 Kratom Shot has produced this liquid kratom shot to meet the demands of high quality and low price kratom shots in the market.

It is a highly concentrated kratom shot that can perfectly meet your health and wellness needs. 

These Kratom shots are third-party lab-tested, you can trust their quality, purity, and consistency.

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Mystic Labs MIT150 Kratom Shot

Mystic Labs MIT150 Kratom Shot is the first economically available kratom extract product. They have introduced this kratom shot to change the kratom industry for the better. 

Mystic Labs strongly believe in everybody should have access to kratom products at the time and point of their choice. They managed to decrease their prices without comprising product quality and consistency.

Each 15ml bottle of this kratom shot boasts 150 MIT kratom content. Its potent effects will perfectly meet your wellness needs. Whether you are a student or a working professional, get energy and focus required to accomplish your daily tasks.

Why we are excited to have Mystic Labs MIT 150 kratom shot at the Great Kratom Shop?

Mystic Labs is an industry leading compliance and quality standards based company that rigorously test their products for quality and consistency. This natural products powerhouse is behind multiple CBD brands, nootropics, and wellness lifestyle brands. 



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