Prof Whyte’s Kratom Powder comes in four varying strain profiles to offer users a range of effects.

This powder comes in 50gm and 100gm weight options. Whether you need some support to relieve stress, boost your mood or enhance your focus and productivity, Prof Whyte’s Kratom Powder offers something to everyone. 

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Prof Whyte’s Kratom Powder

Prof Whyte’s Kratom Powder with an innovative blend of different kratom strains offers unique effects that can boost your health and wellness. Moreover, you can buy their kratom powder in varying packaging sizes. 

Prof Whyte’s is a reputable manufacturer of kratom products. They have perfected the craft of extraction and blending different kratom strains to offer incredible wellness effects. 

Prof Whyte’s skillfully combines the benefits of different strains such as white and green kratom strains, they offer support to take your wellness to the next level. They introduced strains with specific effects making it convenient for users to pick their desired strain.

Each pack offers users 50gm or 100gm of premium quality powder. You can choose from the strains.

  • Kratom Uplift
  • Kratom Calm
  • Kratom Euphoria
  • Kratom Trainwreck 
Kratom Uplift

It is a blend of red vein kratom and you can expect an energy boost after taking this strain. Kratom Uplift helps you keep your mind fresh and mind focused throughout the day. It is a perfect supplement for students and professionals who need to concentrate to accomplish their goals.

Kratom Calm

The users who want to relax or calm down, this blend is perfect for them. Kratom Calm brightens up the mood and helps address anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders. If you are looking for a natural alternative to chemical-based analgesics to address chronic pain or daily aches, look no further. 

Kratom Euphoria

With a blend of the white vein and green vein strains, this powder offers the best of both worlds. You can enjoy a productivity boost, enhanced sociability, and relief from stress with the euphoric effects of this blend. 

Not a fan of powder and want to avoid calculating a dose for you, you can try Prof Whyte’s Capsules. For people who are wary of bitter kratom taste, they can go for Prof Whyte’s gummies

Other options include Prof Whyte’s K-plex shots which offer kratom extract in highly concentrated liquid form. A little of these shots is enough for you. 


Additional information
Kratom Strain Options

Uplift, Euphoria, Calm, Trainwreck

Weight Options

50gm, 100gm


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