Club 13 Indo White Kratom is a trifecta strain. The combination of energy, euphoria, and relief makes it an ideal strain for working professionals.

You can enjoy Indo White Kratom in powder or capsule form. It comes in varying bag sizes and capsules counts.


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Club 13 Indo White Kratom

Club 13 Indo White Kratom offers a potent energy boost to keep you going through your routine hectic day. Indo White is one of the users’ favorite strains, ideal for performance and efficiency. It provides users with a combination of energy, relief, and euphoria. The appeal of this strain lies in its potential to deliver an energy boost without overbearing euphoric effects. 

Why Indo White kratom?

Indo kratom refers to the kratom strain that originates from the jungles of Indonesia. The Indo strain is famous for its calming effects. The users report Indo Kratom effects to take longer to manifest. It is full of energy-boosting alkaloids and provides an extra energy kick when you need it the most. The combination of energy, euphoria, and relief makes this strain ideal for professionals and students.

Available in Powder and capsules forms

To Cater to users’ varying needs and preferences, Club 13 offers Indo White Kratom in powder and capsule forms. The kratom powder makes it convenient to mix your daily dose with other recipes or drinks such as tea. There are endless opportunities to enjoy varying flavors with the addition of other ingredients. You can get powder in 30 gm, 90 gm, 150 gm, and 1 pound bags. 

If you are not a fan of powder, try Club 13 capsules to get a convenient and bitter-taste-free kratom experience. The Indo White capsules are easy to carry around and ideal for the on-the-go kratom experience. You can get them in 25 ct, 50 ct, and 120 ct bottles. Each capsule delivers you 0.95 gm of premium quality kratom.

Why Club 13 kratom products?

Club 13 has been meeting the kratom needs of the users since 1999. They have perfected their craft over the years and are now well-known for quality kratom products. 

Their success lies in strict quality control and the use of natural ingredients. They source their ingredients directly from Indonesia. Their in-house and third-party independent testing ensures their products meet the highest product quality and safety standards.


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30g, 90g, 150g, 1 Pound, 25ct, 50ct, 120ct


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