What are the best kratom shots? Our favorite picks

the best kratom shots

Kratom is a naturally occurring supplement that more and more people are incorporating into their wellness routines. The demands for holistic and alternative medicines have increased people’s interest in kratom-based products. To meet the growing demand of users and cater to varying preferences, kratom manufacturers offer powder, capsules, gummies, and kratom shots. 

Among all options, shots are the most potent form of kratom and are highly convenient to take. 

What are kratom shots?

what are kratom shots

Kratom shots are kratom blends that offer high alkaloid concentrations. They often include a flavor that masks the bitter kratom taste and makes taking a kratom dose pure fun.

These liquid extracts offer all the benefits of kratom powder. They supply energy and nutrition to enhance users’ senses and keep their bodies stimulated. One shot of these liquid kratom extracts delivers a blast of antioxidants that fixes mental and physical exhaustion. 

When taken in an appropriate dose, kratom shots can boost energy, address anxiety, uplift the mood, and assist with opioid addiction withdrawal symptoms.

What are in these shots?

Kratom shots are a go-to drink when someone needs an instant energy boost. These herbal shots contain kratom extracted that calms nerves and boost energy. The effects of this natural extract are comparable to pharmaceutical pills but without any side effects. 

The manufacturers apply various extraction methods to extract the essence of the kratom plant. They mostly use cold water and high-pressure extraction, distilled water extraction, and hot water or alcohol extraction methods. The first two extraction methods produce high-quality extracts. They ensure maximum extraction of chemically active compounds called alkaloids without damaging their integrity. 

The best kratom shots available on the market

best kratom shots in the market

There are various types of kratom shots sold on the market sold over the counter. However, if you plan to get a kratom shot, making an informed choice could prove your best bet. So without further ado, here is the list of the best kratom shots you can try to enjoy the goodness of this plant. 

OPMS Liquid Kratom Shots

opms liquid kratom shot

OPMS Liquid Kratom Shots are a potent product containing purified extract of Mitragyna Speciosa leaves. They use Maeng Da harvests to manufacture this kratom shot and pack it in 8.8ml bottles. If you are looking for the highest alkaloid concentration, you can not get more than OPMS kratom shots.

The cold water high-pressure extract method enables OPMS to draw maximum alkaloids from the plant matter. Consequently, OPMS Gold shots contain the highest alkaloid concentration, making them one of the highly potent kratom shots available on the market.

These shots are so potent that you only need a few drops to feel the effects. You can easily mix these shots into your favorite recipe or a drink, such as tea.

Blaze Kratom Extract Red Relaxed Tincture

blaze kratom red extract relaxed tincture

Blaze Red Relaxed Tincture is a highly concentrated tincture offering 150mg extract packed in a 30ml bottle. The Red Relaxed kratom tincture by Blaze Kratom contains red vein kratom. The users enjoy soothing and relaxing effects that help them unwind at the end of a long working day. 

This kratom liquid boasts a high concentration of alkaloids, and you will get 30mg of kratom extract from the full-dropper dose of this shot. Therefore only a few drops of this potent liquid extract are sufficient to experience its relaxing properties. Moreover, its sweet mango flavor provides a flavorful kratom experience.

The Red Relaxed tincture made from 100% natural and organic ingredients helps users unwind and ease things. This liquid kratom extract is perfect for seasoned users who want something to get a punch. Therefore, this kratom tincture can prove a valuable addition to your daily wellness routine. 

Hush Platinum Kratom Extract Shot

hush platinum kratom extract shot

Hush Platinum Kratom Extract Shot is one of the most potent kratom shots available on the market. Thanks to the high concentration of alkaloids, each serving gives you equivalent to 12gm powder. Some users report they enjoy enhanced energy and improved focus throughout the day. 

Hush kratom uses only premium quality ingredients in their blends and offers an impressive potency. Give this tincture a try and see for yourself.

MIT 45 Liquid Kratom Extract Shot

mit 45 liquid kratom extract shot

MIT 45 Kratom Shot is a potent product that can meet your wellness needs. Available at $15.99, it is one of the lowest price kratom shots but provides effects no less than others. MIT 45 gets its name after 45% alkaloid concentration in their products. You will get an abundant amount of Mitragynine alkaloids, the most active compound found in kratom extract. 

It is 100% natural, unadulterated, unflavored liquid kratom extract. Moreover, this kratom shot contains full-spectrum properties that provide a kratom experience that may last several hours.

If you are looking for the most potent kratom shot at the lowest price, MIT 45 Liquid Kratom shot makes the best choice. 

Kijo Gold Liquid Extract Shot

kijo gold liquid kratom extractshot

Kijo Gold Kratom Shot is another low-priced liquid extract that offers potent effects. This kratom extract contains Maeng Da harvests to offer a premium blend of alkaloids. 

Kijo uses a specialized extraction process involving high-pressure frigid water to extract alkaloids from plant matter. As a result, they extract maximum alkaloids, and their kratom shot offers potent effects.

Because of its highly concentrated nature, this liquid extract is suitable for seasoned users. If you are new to the kratom extracts, avoid using this product and try capsules or powder instead. 

Prof Whyte’s Kratom K-plex shots

kratom k plex shots

Prof Whtes’s Kratom Shot is a concentrated kratom extract offering multiple beneficial effects. Each bottle packed with 120mg of premium quality Mitragynine offers a perfect kratom experience. 

This kratom short is so potent that even a few drops are enough to experience its effects. Moreover, Prof Whyte adds a citrusy flavor to provide users with a flavorful kratom experience. If you are wary of bitter kratom taste, K-plex kratom shots by Prof Whyte make the best choice for you. 

This kratom extract delivers all the benefits associated with kratom without breaking the bank. Whether you want to enjoy kratom effects at home or on the go, the K-plex kratom shot will never disappoint you.