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Does Kratom help to relieve migraine pain? Which strains provide the most effective relief?

does kratom help to relieve migraine

Migraine is a debilitating physical condition that may last for days. It is one of the most common diseases in the world that has affected an estimated 14.7% of the global population. Whereas chronic pain affects 2% of the World’s population. 

According to an estimate, 16.6% of adults, 18 years and older, reported having a migraine in three months. 

The data from National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey reveals head pain as the 5th largest reason for emergency visits and accounts for 1.2% of patient visits. 

So the data shows the prevalence of migraine in the USA and the world is fairly common. People suffering from this painful condition want natural remedies with no to minimum side effects to get relief. Some people try kratom for migraine relief. But many people want to know if using kratom is a safe and sensible choice. 

Can the best kratom strains for migraine help?

best kratom strains for marijuana help

The answer to this question is potentially yes. For people suffering from the debilitating bouts of this condition, it may not be easy to start on a new medication or treatment method. Many of them are turning to kratom because this natural compound offers several health benefits with a promise of no to a few side effects.

Technically, kratom can provide relief to migraine-related pains due to its pain-relieving potential. Especially, the red vein kratom is renowned for its physical pain-relieving potential.   

Therefore, people advocate using red vein kratom to seek relief from migraine. But some users believe white kratom with more caffeine-like alkaloids can work better to relieve headaches.       

How can kratom help with migraines?

how can kratom help with migraines

An adequate kratom dose can help reduce severe migraine and in some cases eliminate the pain completely. Kratom intake can help migraine sufferers by boosting their energy. Chronic fatigue is not uncommon among migraine sufferers. It can help you to be more productive and focused to achieve your daily goals.     

The effects of kratom are very strain-dependent. White veins are the best to experience an energy boost, while red veins produce sedative effects which are incredible to experience pain relief. The white veins provide more uplifting effects during the day, red veins can prove very sedative.

Is it safe to take kratom for migraines?

is it safe to take kratom for migraines

Kratom delivers pain-relieving effects similar to opiates. But it is not an opiate, it is a dried leaf that comes from a tree belonging to a coffee family. Being 100% natural plant material, kratom is a much safer alternative to opiates. 

Opiates cause numerous serious side effects; every day 128 people in the USA die from an opiate overdose

How to use kratom for migraine relief?

is kratom safe to treat migraine

If you have decided to try kratom because nothing else has worked for you, the following reasons suggest why kratom can be good for migraines.

  • It provides an energy boost and prevents mental fog.
  • Kratom possesses excellent pain relief properties (especially red vein at higher doses).
  • You can use kratom capsules that come with a pre-determined amount of kratom for easier dosing.
  • Kratom is a natural extract

Whatever type of kratom you decide to take; starting with a moderate dose of kratom could be your best option to alleviate the symptoms of headache. For full-blown migraines, you need to take higher doses of kratom to deal with the pain. 

The relief kratom delivers may vary from individual to individual. Some users report complete relief from the pain, others may experience a reduction in the severity short of complete pain relief. Some anecdotal accounts also suggest taking kratom results in the amplification of the headache. 

It is going to come down to giving it a try to see if kratom helps you to deal with migraines.

How to dose kratom for migraines?

how to dose kratom for migraine

How many grams of kratom you should take is hard to tell because it is a very personal thing. The 4-5 grams of 100% pure kratom are enough for some people to feel the effects, while others will barely feel a thing. 

Some other factors may also play a role in determining how much kratom you should take. It matters whether you take it on an empty stomach or not. Your metabolism may also play a role in determining how much kratom you should take to feel the effects. 

The following dose guide may help you to get an idea of how much you should begin with.

  • Beginners dose  up to 3 g
  • Moderate dose up to 5 g
  • Strong dose up to 8 g
  • Very strong dose above 8 g

When you feel a migraine is coming on, take 3 g of kratom and see how you feel. If you feel no effects or it makes your migraine rather worse, take 5 g next time when you feel an onslaught of migraine. 

If it still makes it worse, then stop.

If you feel better, then you have got a point to work up or down from when you next get a migraine. 

Best kratom strain for migraines

best kratom strains for migraine

Now we turn to the all-important question: what is the best kratom strain for migraine. The red kratom with significant pain-relieving potential could be a strain you should try to get relief from migraine. You can also try white or green strains to find what works best for you.

Starting with red strain, you can choose any red classics such as Malay, Bali, or Borneo. We recommend avoiding trying Red Maeng Da in the beginning since its alkaloid profile is far stronger and energizing. 

Beginning with 3 g of red Bali or Borneo could prove your best bet to get migraine relief. If you want to feel slightly more at ease, you can try 5 g kratom to see how it affects you. 

Basically, finding the best kratom strain in an appropriate quantity that works against migraine requires a bit of a trial and error method. 

Best red vein kratom strains available on the market

OPMS Red Vein Silver Kratom Powder

OPpms silver kratom powder

OPMS is a reputed kratom manufacturer known for the highest quality and consistency products. They offer red vein powder in two kratom strains: Red Vein Sumatra and Red Vein Maeng Da. OPMS Silver contains all the alkaloids essential to provide you with wellness support.

If you are a new user, we recommend you should try Red Vein Sumatra. Once you have developed the tolerance and your body is ready to deal with potent effects, give a try to OPMS red vein Maenga Da. 

You can purchase this powder in 1 oz, 4 oz, and 16 oz packings. The price ranges from $5.99 to #49.99. They have something for everyone. 

Remarkable Herbs Red Vein Bali Kratom Powder

remarkable herbs red vein bali kratom powder

Red vein Bali provides an incredible energy boost, pain relief, and relaxation without overbearing sedative effects. Bali is one of the most widely available kratom strains. 

This strain is perfect for migraine sufferers who want to give kratom a first-time try. This powder comes in varying packings and you can choose from 1 oz, 3 oz, 8 oz, and 20 oz bags. The price of this kratom powder ranges from $5.99 to $59.99. 

Earth Kratom Red Vein Kratom Capsules

Earth kratom red vein capsules

Earth Kratom takes the convenience of using to the next level by packing premium quality kratom in capsules. You do not need to mess with kratom powder to calculate your daily kratom dose. 

The capsules come with a pre-determined kratom amount and ensure you never over or underdose. Earth Kratom is known for its focus on quality and consistency, therefore users trust their products.

They offer Red Maeng Da and Red Hulu capsules. You can try them to get relief from your migraine. Since kratom produces strain-specific effects, you need to do some experiments to find which strain works best for you.

You can purchase these capsules in 65, 150, and 300 counts.