Beneficial Effects, Kratom

Best kratom strains for pain relief

Chronic pain is a debilitating physical condition that can affect your lifestyle. Currently, there is no cure, and individuals try to get relief through prescription medications such as opiates and various alternative therapies. Prescription drugs create a dependency leading to addiction and causing numerous severe side effects. Due to these reasons, people suffering from chronic conditions are turning to natural and holistic therapies to get relief from their painful symptoms. 

Herbal supplements such as kratom are becoming increasingly popular because they contain natural ingredients that help to relieve pain. Kratom obtained from the leaves of a plant native to Southeast Asian countries provides excellent wellness effects. 

If you want to know more about the painkilling potential of kratom, keep reading. The following lines shed light on kratom, how it works, and which strain will offer you maximum benefits.

Does kratom help relieve pain?

Before discussing the potential of kratom for pain relief, let us find out more about kratom. Kratom can provide an effective pain remedy; but not a cure-all herb. 

What is kratom?

what is kratom

Kratom is extracted from the leaves of a tropical plant called Mitraygyna Speciosa and then packed in powder or capsule forms. The herb is traditionally used in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar to get energy and relieve pain. 

The benefit of using kratom as a painkiller is it relieves pain without causing side effects. The primary compound of the herb is mitragynine which converts into 7-hydromitragynine to produce powerful analgesic effects. 

An appropriate kratom dose can improve your mood, boost energy, and help you relax. 

Natural painkiller

kratom a natural painkiller

Many people try to avoid pharmaceutical drugs to seek relief from their chronic conditions because most o them are opioids which may cause addiction. The overuse of these drugs can make users dependent on them and suffer from their long-term side effects.

On the other hand, kratom provides similar relief as opioid pain medications but with fewer known side effects. It is perfect for people who want to try natural pain remedies to get relief from their painful conditions.

How does kratom work to provide relief?

how does kratom work for pain relief

The active compounds of kratom, such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, bind to opioid receptors in the brain. They release endorphins that reduce the severity of pain signals to provide relief to the users. 

Kratom pain-relieving effects

kratom pain relieving effects

You can expect relief from using kratom if suffering from one of the following ailments.

Neuropathic pain – these conditions happen due to damage within the nervous system. 

Inflammatory nociceptive – this pain results from damaged skin, bones, muscles, and visceral organs.

Currently, we do not have any scientific evidence to support the pain relieving properties of kratom. But anecdotal accounts suggest kratom help with the following conditions.

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune disorder
  • Systematic lupus erythematosus
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Connective tissue disorders

How to take kratom for pain relief?

The kratom comes in powder and capsule forms. The powder possesses a bitter taste but can enter quickly into your bloodstream. The capsules are slower to leave effects because it takes time to digest the gelatine that holds the content. 

Taking kratom in capsule form saves you from the bitter kratom taste, and you know about the quantity you ingest. With capsules, you no need to calculate a dose whenever you take the herb.

How long do pain-relieving effects last?

how long pain relieving effects last

Kratom provides relief from pain, but it is not a cure. It offers a respite in pain by numbing the pain receptors in your brain. The pain relief is temporary and depends upon the kratom strain and quantity you take. 

Numerous personal factors, such as your weight and metabolism, determines how long the effects will last. 

Best kratom strains for pain relief

best kratom strains for relief

Each kratom strain comes in three variations boasting unique properties and offering a different degree of pain relief. You can choose from white, green, and red kratom strains. The color on the stems and veins of kratom leaves demonstrate the age of the herb.

Red veins on the leaves show kratom is mature, and they are the best strain for pain relief. They interact with brain receptors to reduce the pain effect as well as make users feel calm. 

The white and green strains boost energy and deliver the least effective pain relief. The following kratom strains can provide you with the best possible pain relief. 

Maeng Da Kratom  

maeng da kratom

Maeng Da kratom is the most potent and popular kratom strain. This strain is a blend of other kratom strains and possesses unique properties because it delivers pain relief and energy boost.

The high concentration of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloids makes this strain highly suitable for pain relief.

You can use Maeng Da in capsule and powder forms. You need to take an adequate amount of this kratom strain to feel desired effects because its effects are dose-dependent. Maeng Da is highly stimulating in lower doses; it lowers mental fatigue and improves mental concentration.

At higher doses, Maeng Da delivers excellent pain relief. The effects of red Maeng Da offer users extended pain relief. 

Red Bali Kratom

red bali kratom

Red Bali kratom strain offers incredible pain relieving and mood mood-boosting. It is a highly effective strain for pain management. What makes it unique is it boosts energy at lower doses.

The presence of high 7-hydroxymitragynine makes this strain deliver powerful pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing effects, which may last up to six hours. 

Red Bali can elevate your mood to make you feel great while experiencing pain relief. This strain can also help to improve your sleep.

If you want fast pain relief, choosing Red Bali kratom powder can help you experience the best results. The powder gets quickly into the bloodstream. However, if you are wary of the bitter kratom taste, you can choose Red Bali Capsules.  

Indo Kratom

indo kraom

Indo kratom refers to the kratom strain that grows in the jungles of Indonesia. This strain is famous for its soothing properties that can offer excellent pain relief. 

Most users report they experience an overwhelming sense of calmness that helps to reduce anxiety. This combination of pain relief and calm makes it one of the most effective kratom strains for chronic pain sufferers. 

Indo kratom has rigid wall cells and takes a bit longer to manifest the effects. If you need quick pain relief, then Indo kratom is not a strain you need.

Aside from pain relief, this strain helps to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, while other effects may include muscle relaxation, mood elevation, and euphoria. 

You can take Indo kratom in powder and capsule forms. Both have pros and cons; for example, the powder provides quick relief while capsules save you from the bitter kratom taste. 

What is an adequate kratom dose for pain relief?

adequate kratom dose for pain relief

To experience the best relieving effects, you need to get an optimum kratom dose. It may involve some hit and trial to find out what works for you. 

All strains possess a different level of mitragynine content; red veins contain the highest concentration making them ideal for pain relief. Usually, small doses of this herb provide stimulant effects, and as you increase your intake, the sedative properties take over. 

The following factors play a role in determining what amount of kratom will work for you.

  • Size & weight
  • purpose
  • tolerance level

Determining an adequate kratom dose for pain relief

Starting small and gradually increasing your kratom intake can prove your best bet to determine the optimum kratom dose for pain relief. The first-time users should begin with 0.07 oz; this amount helps you to adjust the herb’s effects. 

You can increase your intake from this point when the effects seem manageable; add only 0.017 oz at a time. It might take you a few hours to feel the effects. You may only feel relief from pain after taking 0.14 – 0.17 oz. 

Do not go beyond 0.21 oz unless you are a seasoned user. If you can not tolerate a dose, cut back your kratom intake to a level where the effects are tolerable. 

This careful strategy would help you to find a dose that delivers pain relief reducing the risk of overdose and side effects.