Hush Platinum Kratom Extract Shot boasts full-spectrum Mitragyna Speciosa. This potent shot contains the highest number of alkaloids.

You can enjoy enhanced energy and improved focus throughout the day.

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Hush Platinum Kratom Extract Shot

Love the effects of kratom but do not want to mess around measuring your dosage? Do you need wellness support on the go? Hush Platinum Kratom Extract Shot saves you from dose calculations and allows you to enjoy potent effects in the most convenient way.

With kratom extract equivalent to 12 grams of plain leaf kratom powder, the platinum kratom shots boast the highest alkaloid concentration than any other kratom extract product has. This makes these shots the most potent kratom extract available on the market.

Each bottle contains three servings, 1/3 of each bottle is sufficient to feel the potent kratom effects. 



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