Prof Whyte’s Kratom Gummy comes packed with 15mg of premium quality kratom per gummy. Plus these gummies are infused with citrus blast flavor and are insanely delicious.

They offer a perfect way to enjoy your daily kratom dose to improve your wellness and health.

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Prof Whyte’s Kratom Gummy

Prof Whyte’s Kratom Gummy boasts premium quality kratom infused in an edible form for convenient, long-lasting effects. These gummies are a fun and convenient way to take your daily wellness support. 

These delicious gummies by Prof Whyte come in a pack of 10 pieces and each gummy delivers you 15mg of premium quality kratom. Each biteable gummy offers a citrus flavor to shack your taste buds with 15mg of kratom. 

These Prof Whyte’s Kratom Gummies are super convenient to administer, saving you from the worries of calculating your dose by delivering a premeasured amount of kratom. You can easily carry them around, and these delicious snacks can prove your perfect travel buddies. 

Not only do these gummies offer an insanely delicious kratom experience, but they are also perfectly discreet. No one except you know how you are getting wellness benefits.

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