Rave Kratom Gold Goddess Extract Shot is a full-spectrum extract shot. This kratom extract shot delivers 720mg of alkaloids packed in a 15ml bottle.

It provides an energy boost and white strain leaning euphoric effects.

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Rave Kratom Gold Goddess Extract Shot is a full-spectrum extract shot. Each shot of this energy-boosting extract delivers 270mg of the alkaloid content, and 120mg of that comes from mitragynine. Gold Goddess blends green kratom with white kratom strains together to produce these shots. It produces a highly euphoric white strain leaning effect. 

Why choose Rave Kratom Gold Shots?

These shots are full-spectrum and that means all of the naturally occurring alkaloids are present in the Rave Gold shots. It leaves users enjoying euphoria, uplifted mood, and a boost in energy. Often users take these tinctures to experience an energy boost to accomplish their daily tasks.

Who can use these shots?

Whether you need help to get up in the morning or want a kick of energy to beat fatigue at work, this Gold extract shot can prove your best bet.

The Rave Kratom Gold Goddess Extract Shot produces a blast of energy with manageable euphoria to meet your energy needs and enhance your performance. 

Product Features

  • Full spectrum
  • 270mg alkaloid content
  • 120mg MIT

Great Kratom Shop brings the highest quality kratom products to help users enjoy the best possible experience. Rave kratom extract meets our internally-set quality and safety standards. We take pride in offering kratom lovers a wide variety of products that suit their needs and preferences. 




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