Hush Ultra Kratom Extract Shot offers kratom extract equivalent to 8mg of plain leaf kratom powder. This shot tastes delicious and leaves potent effects that last longer.

Perfect one-hitter for experienced users, while new users can break it into small doses to enjoy its potent effects without overdoing it.

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Hush Ultra Kratom Extract Shot

Hush Ultra Kratom Extract Shot, revered as the most potent and delicious-tasting kratom extract, can perfectly meet all your wellness needs. With kratom extract equivalent to 8 grams of plain leaf kratom powder, this one-hitter is perfect for seasoned users to enjoy long-lasting calming effects.

The new users can break up this kratom extract into three servings to get a sustained and controlled kratom effect without overdoing it. Derived from the kratom tree, Hush Kratom Extract Shot is a concentrated form of full-spectrum Mitragyna Speciosa.

These shots with lime juice flavor allow taking your daily kratom dose in a fund way. You will get ~6-9 grams of equivalent leaf powder per 10mL shot. 

  • Lime juice concentrate, popolyne glycol,
  • Flavoring, sucralose, kratom extract.
  • Trace amounts of alcohol and sulfites for preservation.
  • Full-spectrum kratom extract



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