Prof Whyte’s Kratom K-Plex Shot offers concentrated alkaloid extract packed in a 15ml bottle.

They infused these shots with citric acid to offer a boost in energy with a citrusy taste.

These shots deliver the natural goodness of kratom in an easy and convenient way.

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Prof Whyte’s Kratom K-Plex Shot

Prof Whyte’s Kratom K-Plex Shot offers highly concentrated kratom extract. Each bottle packed with 120mg of premium quality mitragynine provides a convenient kratom experience.

Prof Whyte uses an effective extraction process to draw the extract from kratom leaves. They pack this extract into bottles, which you can easily carry around. Open the bottle and drop a few drops in your mouth, and the beneficial effects of kratom will hit you in a while. 

Prof Whyte’s Kratom K-Plex Shot packs the natural goodness of kratom in a bottle to offer users an easy and convenient kratom experience. They flavored this kratom shot by adding citric acid to provide users a citrusy taste with a boost of energy.

This delicious and potent kratom shot offers delivers all the beneficial effects you can expect to get from kratom. Whether you want to enjoy citrus at home or on the go, these shots will never disappoint you. 

We added these shots by Prof Whyte to our great kratom product line after ensuring their quality and consistency. We offer the best prices and fast shipments to deliver an incredible experience to our users. 

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