Rave Kratom Red Bali Bliss Extract Shot offers full-spectrum alkaloids packed in a 15ml bottle. This Red Bali kratom shot offers energy boost and pain relief. 

Each bottle will give you 720mg alkaloid content out of which 129mg is MIT. 

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Rave Kratom Red Bali Bliss Extract Shot

Rave Kratom Red Bali Bliss Extract Shot is a full-spectrum shot that contains Red Bali kratom. You can expect more relaxing effects by using this kratom shot. Red Bali Kratom is a famous strain that people use to enjoy pain relief and relaxation. 

Each 15ml bottle of this Rave Kratom Red Bali Bliss Extract Shot gives you 720mg of full-spectrum alkaloids. You will get 120mg MIT in a liquid form for easy consumption and quick effects. 

Why choose Red Bali Bliss Extract shot?

This kratom extract shot is a full-spectrum making it a potent kratom shot. Red Bali kratom strain produces mild euphoria, pain relief, and relaxation. This shot is great for individuals who want to unwind or seek relief from pain and anxiety. 

 This shot made from 100% organic ingredients boasts excellent quality and safety standards. This highly pure extract allows users to benefit from kratom effects in a convenient and prompt way.

Who this shot is for?

Do you want relief from pain, unwind after a hectic workday,Pr or get rid of anxiety? This kratom extract shot makes a perfect choice for you. Red Bali kratom strain possesses mild effects as compared to other kratom strains. Therefore, the new users can use this strain easily, while at higher doses it produces more potent effects suitable for experienced users.

This shot is great for working professionals who need a natural remedy to relieve their aches while staying fully functional during the day. 

Product features

  • Full-spectrum
  • 270mg alkaloid content
  • 15ml bottle
  • 120mg MIT
  • Red Bali



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