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Nano K Kratom Extract Chocolate Minis 100mg allows users to take their daily kratom dose in a delicious, fun, and convenient way. The company has brought its CBD products manufacturing experience to produce kratom products that offer the best natural wellness support.

Each mini chocolate contains 100mg premium quality kratom extract infused with milk chocolate or dark chocolate flavor. This nano kratom chocolate will give you all the benefits of the natural plant while feeling incredible on the palate. Each bar contains a sufficient amount of kratom to meet your wellness needs.

Like other kratom gummies, these kratom extract chocolate minis offer multiple advantages in taking your daily kratom dose. They are easy to carry around and discreet to consume. The added flavor and aroma mask kratom’s original taste and smell and make it fun to take a kratom dosage at your chosen place and time.

  • Chocolate Liquor, Sugar, 
  • Cocoa Butter, Kratom Extract, 
  • Sunflower Lecithin, 
  • Natural Vanilla Extract
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Milk Chocolate Mini, Dark Chocolate Mini


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