Brand review

Hush Kratom brand review: Do their products worth buying?

Hush Kratom is a leading manufacturer of kratom products. The focus on quality, particularly Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), has helped the company set itself apart from its competitors. They manufacture herbal supplements with impressive potency. Their products are more suitable for moderate to seasoned users who need an extract with extra punch. 

Hush Kratom is a brand that specializes in providing high-quality kratom products. They offer a wide range of kratom products, including powder, capsules, and extracts. Their products are sourced from trusted farmers in Southeast Asia and are rigorously tested for purity and potency. 


The company is committed to providing education and information about kratom. They have a blog on their website that covers topics such as kratom strains, dosage, and benefits. That speaks volumes of their dedication to ensuring that their customers have a safe and enjoyable experience with their products.

Overall, Hush Kratom is a reputable brand that offers high-quality kratom products and prioritizes customer education and satisfaction.

Kratom extraction process

Hush kratom manufacturing process

Like OPMS, the competitive advantage of Hush Kratom results from its proprietary extraction process. They use food-grade solvents to extract alkaloids from Mitraygynine Speciosa plants. Their team removes any undesired stuff, such as lipids, waxes, and plant material from the extract. The focus is on getting highly pure and alkaloid-rich kratom extract.

The purity and potency of Hush Kratom products are very high and second to none. The highest alkaloids concentration helps users to enjoy a potent kratom experience. The herbal extracts typically boast 15mg of Mitragynine alkaloids and the plant’s other natural alkaloids. Most users take 2 to 5 gm dosage to experience the effects. Hush Kratom extracts contain significantly more concentrations of alkaloids.

 What is Hush Kratom used for?

what is hush kratom good for

Hush Kratom are famous for their quality, consistency, purity, and potency. Their liquid extracts shots provide an energy boost and focus. But at higher doses, they provide relaxing and euphoric effects. 

If you want to take a discreet and flavorful dosage, you can try their kratom edibles. Whether you choose liquid extract or gummies, your final effects depend on your dosage size. The smaller doses are suitable for experiencing energy boosts and enhanced focus. Comparatively, larger dosages offer manageable euphoria, pain relief, and relaxation. Overdosing on kratom dose may result in severe side effects; therefore, taking the required kratom amount can prove your best bet to enjoy the natural effects of this herb.

Hush Kratom vs OPMS

hush kratom vs opms kratom

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Hush Kratom and OPMS are two leading kratom brands known for their high-quality products. Both brands use proprietary methods to extract the purest alkaloids from the plant matter with minimum possible impurities. The use of third-party labs to test product quality, safety, and purity is also common among both brands.

While they both focus on quality and potency, they have some differences. The first difference is their product line. OPMS offers powder, capsules, and liquid extracts. On the other hand, Hush Kratom only offers liquid shots and kratom gummies. 

Moreover, OPMS has three product lines – BlackGold, and Silver. Hush Kratom does not offer multiple product lines. OPMS offers OPMS Gold liquid kratom extract and OPMS Black liquid kratom extract

Both liquid shots by OPMS cost nearly $19; on the other hand, Hush Kratom Nano Kratom Shot and Platinum Kratom Shots’ price is on par with OPMS. But they have liquid shots as low cost as $12 and $14. Hush Kratom offers more price flexibility than OPMS to cater to the users’ varying price needs. 

Who should use Hush Kratom products?

Hush Kratom products contain equivalent to 8 gm of natural powdered leaf. The typical dose includes two to four grams of alkaloid concentrated content. This manufacturer uses Maeng Da strains due to their extraordinary energy-boosting and focusing-promoting properties. 

The high potency of their products makes them more suitable for seasoned users. Many users report strong effects after using Hush products, while a few do not note any significant difference from other products. Low kratom doses produce energizing effects, while high doses create sedentary effects. The users looking to increase their productivity need to find their dosage, which can give them maximum energizing effects without causing euphoria and sedation.

Hush Kratom product line

hush kratom product line

Hush Kratom offers liquid extracts and edibles to meet the wellness needs of their customers. Their liquid kratom shots start from 6mg and go up to 12mg of potency. For the users who prefer the flavor, they offer coffee-flavor-infused shots. It means there is something for everyone.

The following lines briefly describe their products.

Hush HK Kratom Shots

HUSH HK Kratom Extract Shot

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This kratom shot with alkaloid concentration equivalent to 6mg of leaf powder is their lowest potency liquid shot. Hush HK Kratom Shot is a full-spectrum kratom extract that is more suitable for new users. Each 10ml bottle contains two servings of a full-spectrum concentrated extract. Though this liquid shot has relatively low potency but taking it whole in one serving can be too potent for new users to handle. With a price tag of $11.99, this kratom shot is one of the most affordable in the market.

Hush Ultra Kratom Extract Shot

hush ultra kratom shot

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Hush Ultra Kratom Extract Shot delivers kratom content equivalent to 8mg of plain leaf powder. If your tolerance level is higher, this liquid extract is more suitable for you. It is a perfect one-hitter for seasoned users, while novices can break it down several doses. This flavored kratom shot packed in a 10ml bottle costs $13.99. 

Hush Kratom Coffee infused Kratom Shot

coffee infused liquid extract shot

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This kratom shot offers you kratom extract equivalent to ~6-9 grams of leaf powder. In terms of potency and price, this shot sits in the middle among other Hush Shots.

You can enjoy the coffee flavor with each serving of this potent kratom shot. Hush Kratom Coffee Kratom Shot is suitable for any time-usage. It uplifts the mood, makes you feel relaxed, and provides unique cerebral effects. 

You can get a 10ml bottle of this kratom shot for $15.99.  

Hush Nano Kratom Shot

hush nano kratom shot

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This kratom shot has numerous properties that set it apart from similar products. It is made using nano-technology that offers a higher absorption rate. Hush Nano Kratom Shot contains 9mg of kratom content and is more suitable for users to want an extra punch. 

The more rapid onset, soother, and sustained effects provide users with an unforgettable kratom experience. You can get this powerhouse kratom concentrate for $18.99.

Hush Platinum Kratom Extract Shot

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Hush Platinum Kratom Extract Shot is the most potent liquid shot by Hush. This platinum liquid shot provides exceptional wellness support. With an alkaloid concentration equivalent to 12mg of leaf powder, this liquid shot is one of the most powerful shots on the market. 

Each 10ml bottle contains three savings, one-third of each bottle is sufficient to experience the effects. You can get this liquid extract for $18.99. 

Hush Kratom Extract Infused Caramels

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Users who are not fans of liquid extracts can try Hush Kratom’s Caramels. Combining kratom extract and flavor allows users to take their dose conveniently. These kratom gummies come with a premeasured amount of kratom extract, each gummy offers 20mg of mitragynine. 

Users not only get a known amount of kratom from each caramel, but they chew on them and let their palate dip in an irresistibly delicious flavor. 

Each bag contains six caramels offering a total of 12omg premium quality kratom extracts. You can get this pack for $16.99.