Hush Kratom Extract Infused Caramels packed with 120mg of kratom extract and a delicious taste offer an incredible kratom experience.

These caramels come in a pack of 6 pieces, and each caramel offers 20mg of Mitragynine.

You are sure not to get better-tasting kratom edibles than these caramels to enjoy the effects of kratom extract. 

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Hush Kratom Extract Infused Caramels

Hush Kratom Extract Infused Caramels offer mouthwatering deliciousness blended with the natural goodness of the kratom plant.

Are you looking for new ways to cover the bitter kratom taste? Not a fan of mixing your powder with your drink? Do you want to satisfy sweet tooth cravings? These caramels offer kratom users a way to enjoy the wellness effects of kratom but do not like its aftertaste.

Hush Kratom designed its formulation to cover users on every front, and you are sure to get incredible effects with insanely delicious flavors.

Each pack of Hush Kratom Extract infused Caramels contains six pieces of these delicious treats. Each caramel offers approximately 20mg of Mitragynine, sufficient to enjoy a laid-back and mellow experience. 

With incredible effects and delicious taste, Hush Kratom Extract infused Caramels stand out from others and are a must-try kratom edible. 

Our in-house team members love mixing two caramels into their morning coffee to get a good boost to start the day running. 

Product Features
  • 120mg MIT content
  • Kratom infused caramels
  • Six in each pack
  • Delicious flavor

Great Kratom Shop continues to update the kratom product line and bring on the latest and innovative wellness supplements. We offer affordable prices and discreet shipping to help users meet their wellness needs effectively. 


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