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What is Black Kratom? Everything you need to know

what is opms black

If you have searched for kratom products online, you must have come across the name OPMS – Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions. The brand has earned the trust because of its ceaseless dedication to delivering high-quality products to users.

They offer three highly-sought-after product lines – OPMS Gold, OPMS Silver, and OPMS Black. All product lines are well-known for unparalleled quality and consistency; we will talk about their most popular product line – OPMS Black.

The following lines describe everything you need to know about this product line. What makes them stand out, what sort of experience you should expect after using these products, and if they are right for you?

What is OPMS Black?

Does opms Black stand the hype

OPMS Black is a famous product line by a reputed kratom manufacturer, popular among seasoned users. They formulate these products to take the term ‘Optimized’ to the next level. They incorporated substantially higher concentrations of alkaloids than similar products on the market.

The alkaloids are nitrogenous compounds extracted from the kratom plant that leave enormous physiological effects on the human body, including morphine and nicotine. The kratom plant contains about 40 alkaloids, but two of them are the most famous – Mitragynine and 7-OH-Mitragynine. These compounds are responsible for the properties of the kratom plant, such as pain relief, euphoria, and other wellness effects.

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Cold water extraction method

cold water extraction method

The unique proprietary cold water extraction method helps OPMS stands out from other kratom manufacturers and enables them to get maximum from the plant matter. This revolutionary extraction process extracts 95% of alkaloids, delivering an exceptionally potent product line. The process involves cold water and extremely high pressure, carefully calculated to achieve optimum output. Using this innovative extraction, OPMS draws maximum content while preserving the structure of kratom alkaloids.

OPMS Black products

opms black products

This minimal product line includes OPMS Black Kratom Extract Capsules and OPMS Black Liquid Extract Shots. Both OPMS Black capsules and shots contain highly concentrated kratom extract, but they possess critical differences. The following lines describe their ingredients, effects, cost, and recommended dosing.

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OPMS Black Capsules

opms black kratom capsules

The users prefer capsules for varying reasons. First, they are popular among new and experienced users for the convenience of taking kratom doses. Second, kratom capsules contain pre-determined dosing that frees you to get a measuring device to calculate your kratom intake. And third, they are easier to carry around and 100% discreet when you need to take them in public.

OPMS Black Capsules are highly popular among users because of the high quality, purity, and safety they bring to the table.


OPMS Black Capsules offer an unmatched kratom experience by delivering a highly concentrated dose of alkaloids. Each OPMS Black capsule contains 310 mg concentrated Mitraygyna Speciosa extract with a 50:1 potency. It shows the extract is 50 times more potent than the powder used to make it.

Each capsule will deliver you 48% of Mitragynine content which equals 150mg, and less than 7 mg of 7-OH-Mitragynine. The rest of the ingredients include gelatin and starch.


black kratom capsules

These capsules come in 2, 3, and 5 pack counts, costing $17.99, $22.99, and $42.99. Compared to the other similar products on the market, these prices are higher; but deliver a high-quality product with profound effects.

The top-notch quality and premium effects justify the high prices of these capsules by OPMS.


opms black kratom capsules dosage

These highly potent capsules are more suitable for experienced users who want to experience something that hits hard. The users can take them at a time and place of their choice as they come in easy-to-swallow gel form. If you are new to the world of kratom, you will be better off avoiding this product by saving yourself from unwanted side effects.

The experienced users should start small and gradually increase their intake to find their optimum dose level.

OPMS Black Liquid Extract

opms black liquid extract

OPMS Black Liquid Extract is much the same as capsules but in liquid form. These shots are the favorite of kratom users since they offer an easy and convenient way of taking a daily kratom dose.

You can take a few drops directly into their mouths and enjoy the instant effects. People wary of the natural earthy musk of kratom can add a few drops of this liquid shot into their favorite drink or recipe.

OPMS Black liquid ingredients

black liquid extract ingredients


Each bottle boasts 375 mg of premium quality kratom extract with a potency ratio of 50:1, much like their capsule counterparts. You will get 48% Mitragynine content equal to 180 mg per bottle and less than 2.2% of 7-OH-Mitragynine – roughly under 8 mg per bottle. The other ingredients include water, corn syrup, ethanol, propylene glycol, and natural and artificial stabilizing agents.


black kratom liquid extract price

Each 8ml bottle of OPMS Black Liquid shots will cost you $18.99. The high potency and quality justify the relatively high price of these liquid shots.


Black kratom effects

The OPMS Black Extract Shots made from a potent Maeng Da kratom strain help alleviate the pain, improve focus, and boost energy.

These liquid kratom shots are highly concentrated that offer users potent and longer-lasting effects. Even seasoned users should not exceed one or two drops. You can adjust your dose by increasing or decreasing your intake to a level where you start feeling the desired effects.

The high absorption rate ensures you get maximum wellness effects from each drop of these liquid kratom shots.

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Black Liquid Dosage

black liquid kratom extract dosage

As mentioned earlier, Black Liquid shots is a highly concentrated kratom product; even seasoned users should not exceed their intake beyond a few drops. These powerful shots are unsuitable for new users; first-time users should steer clear.

The best strategy is to divide the entire bottle into five servings: each serving with a few drops. Overdosing may lead to nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

Should I try OPMS Black?

OPMS Black is one of the most potent kratom product lines. These shots with over 48% kratom content will produce powerful effects with a strong kick.

These products are highly concentrated and only suitable for seasoned users with a high kratom tolerance. We recommend starting with capsules and moving on to liquid shots if they do not suffice.

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Final thoughts

The OPMS Black is a favorite of every kratom connoisseur. With a state-of-the-art proprietary cold water extraction method, OPMS has a lot to bring to your kratom experience. Both capsules and liquid shots packed with richly alkaloid content offer unmatched quality and effects.