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What is OPMS Gold Kratom? What do you need to know about this kratom product?

opms gold kratom

Regular kratom users know about OPMS Gold which offers the highest kratom quality products. In the presence of numerous kratom products, the users, especially those new to kratom, get confused about which product is the best among them all.

Getting the best kratom products require undertaking research before making a purchase decision. If you came across the name OPMS Gold first time, it is a product line by a famous kratom brand OPMS. Established in 2009, OPMS offers a minimal product line which allows it to concentrate on the quality and consistency of its products. They offer highly reputed brands OPMS Gold, OPMS silver, and OPMS Black.

Usually, people believe that brands with a small product line may offer higher product quality, which is not necessarily true all the time. In the following lines, we will do an honest and unbiased review of OPMS Gold kratom. After reading these lines, you will know what to expect from it. And in the end, you will be able to decide whether you should give OPMS kratom products a go or not.

What is OPMS Gold Kratom?

what is opms gold kratom

OPMS Gold is a famous product line by a reputed kratom manufacturer. They are famous for using a unique proprietary cold water extraction method. OPMS stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions, and the word optimized shows their commitment to bringing the strongest Mitragyna Speciosa to the market. OPMS Gold is their most popular product line, made from natural and non-adulterated ingredients.

You will hear a lot of buzz online about their Gold and Silver kratom product lines. Their most famous product is OPMS Gold Kratom Extracted Capsules.

What is the appeal of OPMS Gold Kratom Capsules?

The main appeal of OPMS Gold Kratom Extracted Capsules lies in delivering a large kratom dose in a single capsule. 

They use cold water and a high-pressure extraction method to create capsules containing large kratom doses. This process allows OPMS to extract high concentrations of alkaloids without damaging their chemical structure.

Other Kratom brands use the hot water method that does not produce a high dose of this herb. The unique extraction process helps them to manufacture potent kratom capsules.

Each OPMS Gold Kratom Capsule delivers a whopping 200mg of premium-quality kratom. These capsules packed with the natural goodness of organically harvested kratom offer incredible wellness support.

You can buy these capsules in varying quantities. These capsules come in packs of 2, 3, and 5. Since these capsules contain kratom extract, they come in less quantity and higher price point. They use Maeng Da kratom extracted powder in a ratio of 50:1.

To get authentic OPMS Gold Capsules, always check the three purple leaves depicted on the capsule.

How much do these Gold Kratom Capsules cost?

how much opms gold kratom capsules cost

Gold Kratom Capsules cost more than other kratom capsules available on the market. The concentrated form and high quality justify their high cost. The company does not sell directly on their website. They sell their products through different vendors, who may charge different prices.

The price of Gold Kratom Capsules ranges from $17.99 to $42.99 for 2-5 capsule counts.

However, if you want the liquid form of Gold extract, they market it as OPMS Gold Liquid. O.P.M.S.® Liquid Kratom gives you 225mg kratom packed in an 8.8ml bottle. This highly concentrated kratom shot is highly suitable for experienced users. Not only does this Gold Liquid delivers potent effects, but it also comes in a delicious taste. It cost nearly $18.99 and is available at the Great Kratom Shop.

Do customers recommend O.P.M.S. Gold?

customers recommend opms gold kratom capsules

OPMS Gold Kratom has earned trust, and users widely view it as a quality product that delivers potent effects. Many users agree with the claims of OPMS that their products contain all-natural ingredients. Some users reported they are impressed with the results after using Gold Kratom capsules.

One of the Redditors describes it as “overpriced, yes, but they are good”. Another user said, “OPMS Gold Kratom is strong and consistent”.

These comments tell OPMS Gold is popular among users for its purity, potency, and quality.

Where can you buy OPMS Gold Kratom?

from where you can purchase opms gold kratom capsules

OPMS Gold is widely available at local stores across the country. You can also purchase this product from online kratom stores. The online stores are great places to purchase authentic OPMS Gold capsules.

Final thoughts

opms gold kratom final thoughts

OPMS Gold Kratom Capsules boast high quality, potency, and purity, making them users’ favorite products. 

Each capsule packed with a high dosage of kratom delivers potent effects. Several kratom users find the results of this product very impressive.

However, if you want to give the OPMS Gold Capsules or OPMS Gold Liquid a try, you need to purchase them from a trusted online kratom seller.