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Green Vein Kratom extracted from Mitragyna speciosa midway through the plant’s life cycle provides incredible wellness effects. The effects of green vein kratom lie between white and red vein products.

That makes them a perfect strain for beginners looking for an energizing kratom strain that can ease mild pain. 

The green vein variants not only offer stimulating effects similar to caffeine but also uplift your mood without any jitters or anxiety. It can help users focus their thoughts to achieve their goals more effectively.  

Green vein products also boast mild analgesic effects, which can work well to alleviate any mild symptoms of chronic pain. This kratom strain does not cause sedation as red vein variants do. Green strains make a perfect option to treat mild pain without experiencing the side effects of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. 

The effects of all kratom strains are caused by alkaloids found in the plant’s leaves. The most famous alkaloids present in kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydromitragynine.