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Mystic Labs Review: Does it stand the hype?

mystic labs review

What is the Mystic Labs?

Mystic Labs is a reputed Delta-8 derived products manufacturer. In-house research and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enabled them to produce products that won users’ trust. Their dedication to quality leads to the development of unique formulations and incredible manufacturing, packaging, and shipping processes.

The in-house product formulation and manufacturing facilities enabled them to exert excellent control over their manufacturing and business processes. Moreover, they follow the Current Good Manufacturing Practices and superior standard operating procedures to craft reliable and safe products. 

What makes mystic Labs stand out?

Mystic Labs is a famous manufacturer with numerous natural products on its credit. They have won users’ trust with high-quality, consistent, safe products. Their robust processes offer them a competitive advantage and set them apart from other manufacturers in the kratom space.

Focusing on quality and customer service won Mystic Labs customers’ trust like no one else. They have incredible processes that contribute excellent value to their customers; a few are reviewed in the following lines.

In-house manufacturing facilities

Mystic labs manufacturing

The biggest strength of Mystic Labs is their 100,000 square foot FDA-registered production space. In-house manufacturing facilities afford them excellent control over the quality of their products. They oversee products from start to finish to offer products with unmatched quality, consistency, and safety.

Mystic Lab follows FDA-approved Current Good Manufacturing Practices and superior standard operating procedures. They enable Mystic Labs to assure products’ identity, strength, quality, and purity.

Commitment to Quality

Quality of kratom products

Mystic Labs is highly committed to the quality of their products. Their dedicated quality control team includes food scientists, research and development specialists, formulators, and quality assurance managers. They use carefully selected ingredients to manufacture products that never disappoint.

Effective quality control ensures every Mystic Labs product meets the highest quality and safety standards while being federally compliant. That is the reason people trust Mystic Labs products for their health and wellness. 

Thorough lab-testing

lab testing of products

Mystics labs give their customers the utmost confidence in their products by going the extra mile. Using both in-house and third-party testing ensures meeting the highest quality standards.

Thorough testing of products at multiple quality control checkpoints guarantees every batch meets quality, consistency, and safety standards. Furthermore, they have partnered with an ISO-certified third-party lab testing facility to test the content of their products and verify they are federally legal. 

Mystic Labs kratom products

kratom products

Mystic Labs maintain a minimal kratom product line to meet users’ wellness needs through quality products. Their products can be classified into kratom products and trifecta products. Each category offers kratom gummies and liquid extract shots. The following lines shed light on these products and how they can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

  • Kratom products
  • Trifecta products

What are Mystic Labs Kratom products?

This minimal kratom product line consists of 5ct kratom gummies and kratom shot. These products offer the highest quality and maximum strength. They formulate, manufacture, and package these products in-house at the state-of-the-art facility in Florida. As a result, their kratom products are potent, safe, and legal. They use both on-site and third-party testing to verify the content of their products.

Mystic Labs Kratom Gummies

mystic labs kratom gummies

Mystic Labs has perfected the craft of formulating and manufacturing Delta 8 and Delta 9 gummies. Now they entered the kratom extract market. They focused on formulation, in-house manufacturing, maximum quality control, and third-party lab testing to ensure kratom gummies stand out like their Delta 8 gummies.

They formulate these gummies to deliver all-encompassing kratom benefits in delicious mixed berry flavor. The eclectic mixed berry flavor and a max-strength serving of 30 mg of Mitraygynine (MIT) per gummy have made their kratom gummies users’ favorite. The high alkaloid content ensures you get maximum effects from these gummies. 

Mystic Labs Kratom Gummies come in a pack of 5 and deliver 150 mg premium quality kratom extract. The typical dose consists of half or one gummy, as these edibles are highly potent. The new users should take small servings to avoid side effects. Gradually increasing your serving size once familiar with the effects is the best strategy to enjoy maximum kratom benefits.

These 5ct kratom gummies boast the highest quality and safety standards to offer you the best kratom experience. 

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Mystic Labs Kratom Liquid Extract Shot

kratom liquid extract shot

Mystic Labs Kratom Shot contains 150 mg of mitragynine packed in a 15ml bottle. This max-strength liquid kratom shot offers an easy and convenient way for you to enjoy the kratom’s effects. This highly portable kratom shot all-encompassing kratom benefits without any hassle. Taking this shot in several servings produces stimulant effects and boosts the energy level. Taking more than half of the bottle may produce relaxation and help you sleep.

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What are Mystic Labs Trifecta products?

mystic labs trifecta gummies

Mystic Labs Trifecta products line goes an extra mile by combining extracts of three famous compounds. You will benefit from kratom, Delta 8, and CBD in flavorful and easy-to-use products. This selection includes deliciously flavored bite-sized gummies and a portable shot. All their trifecta products are formulated, manufactured, and packaged in-house at an FDA-registered facility in Florida.

  • Trifecta gummies
  • Trifecta shots

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Mystic Labs Trifecta Gummies

trifects gummies

Mystic Labs™ Trifecta Gummies combine the benefits of kratom, Delta 8, and CBD into one bite-sized flavorful gummy. Trifecta gummies best suit users who need something extra than a usual kratom dose. The unique formulation of these edibles offers all-in-one benefits of three compounds in easy-to-use tasty snacks. 

Mystic Labs thoroughly test these gummies to ensure they meet the highest quality, consistency, and safety standards. Moreover, they partner with independent labs to check their products’ potency, purity, and safety. Each gummy contains 12mg of kratom extract, 25mg of Delta 8, and 10mg of CBD. Together, these compounds produce well-rounded effects that give users an experience they have never had before.

Each bags contain five gummies, and the serving size includes one gummy. 

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Mystic Labs Trifecta Shot

trifecta gummies

Mystic Labs Trifecta Shot offers combined effects of kratom, Delta 8, and CBD in a delicious mixed berry flavor. You can take this shot in several separate servings. 

Each 15ml bottle contains 1000mg of kratom, 50mg of Delta 8, and 25mg of CBD. This all-in-one kratom shot is highly suitable to best meet your health and wellness needs. This shot is highly potent; therefore, we recommend taking it in two or more servings until you become accustomed to the effects. 

Final thoughts

final thoughts

Mystic Labs is a quality manufacturer of kratom products. Their products boast the highest quality, consistency, and safety. They use both in-house and third-party testing to ensure their products consistently meet the highest quality standards.

Their unique formulation and in-house production facility allow them to offer products that exceed users’ expectations. 

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