Mystic Labs Trifecta Gummies offer a unique blending of kratom extract, CBD, and Delta 8 THC. This mix of famous natural compounds offers incredible wellness support.

The incredible effects plus insanely delicious mixed berry flavors of these gummies make them a perfect wellness option.

These third-party lab-tested gummies boast high product quality and are perfectly safe to costume. 

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Mystic Labs Trifecta Gummies

Mystic Labs Trifecta Gummies offers incredible wellness support by blending kratom extract, CBD, and Delta 8 THC. Moreover, they infused these gummies with mixed berry flavor to allow users to enjoy the wellness effects of varying natural compounds in a delicious way. 

These gummies packed with the goodness of natural extracts can perfectly meet your wellness needs. You can get these amazingly delicious gummies in a pack of 5, and each gummy delivers 21mg of kratom extract, 25mg of Delta 8, and 10mg of CBD.

You can easily carry these gummies around and take your daily wellness dose at the time and point of your choice. These gummies not only are easy to dose, but also provide a discreet kratom experience. 

Mystic Labs get these gummies lab-tested from independent labs to ensure product quality, consistency, and safety. You can trust their products to enjoy an exceptional kratom experience. 

  • CBD (10mg),
  • Delta 8 THC (25mg), 
  • Kratom Extract (21mg),
  • (Mitragynine 15mg),
  • Corn Syrup, Natural flavor, 
  • Sugar, Citric Acid, Malic acid,
  • Pectin, Sodium Citrate 
What are Trifecta gummies?

Mystic Labs Trifect Gummies contain kratom extract, Delta 8, and CBD infused with mixed berry flavor. Each gummy boasts a maximum-strength serving of each ingredient to offer maximum wellness effects. 

Will Trifecta gummies get you high?

These gummies are highly potent gummies that may cause feelings similar to a high. Therefore we recommend starting slow with these gummies and gradually increasing or decreasing your dose to get optimum wellness effects. 

How many Trifecta gummies should I eat?

Start with half or one gummy to become accustomed to the effects. Later on, you can increase or decrease your serving based on your tolerance level and desired wellness effects.

Are Mystic Labs Trifecta gummies safe?

These 6-count gummies are perfectly safe. Mystic Labs get tested these gummies by an independent lab to ensure they meet high quality, potency, consistency, and safety standards. 

You can check these lab results by clicking this link. In case, you are not sure if these gummies are right for you, please consult with your physician. 

Are Mystic Labs gummies legal?

These gummies are perfectly legal. There is no restriction to sell, buy, and use these gummies. These gummies contain ingredients that are 100% legal.


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