K80 Kratom Extract Shot containing the highest concentration of mitragynine alkaloid is the most potent liquid extract. 

They come in the ready-to-use form and are super easy to take.

Each bottle packed with kratom content equivalent to 7-8gm of leave powder is enough for two servings. 


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K80 Kratom Extract Shot

K80 Kratom Extract Shot containing a pure alkaloid suspension is a potent tincture. K-Shots uses premium Maeng Da harvests, and all shots boast the highest concentration of mitragynine. 

This liquid kratom shot comes in the ready-to-use form, and you can use them straight away without any need to calculate your dose. It offers a super-easy way to meet your wellness needs. 

Each bottle of this kratom shot packed with kratom content equivalent to 7-8gram of natural leaf powder offers two servings. K-Shots has formulated its k80 tincture to provide users with a different kratom experience. 

Buying kratom products online could be a time-intensive task but not at the Great Kratom Shop. We only offer products with the highest quality and consistency. Moreover, we charge the best prices and make fast shipments, and users enjoy the best value for their money. 



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