K-Burst Max Strength Kratom Extract Gummies are potent and outrightly delicious. 

You can get 15mg of full-spectrum kratom extract per gummy. Enjoy well-rounded kratom’s effects in a convenient and flavorful way. 

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K-Burst Max Strength Kratom Extract Gummies are brand new offerings in the market. Each bag of these gummies contains eight pieces, and you will get 15mg of full-spectrum kratom extract per gummy. K-Burst has launched these gummies in two flavors. The flavor completely masks the bitter taste of kratom to provide a pleasant experience.

You can enjoy your kratom dose either in pink lemonade or O.M.G (orange, mango, guava) flavors. Each serving gives potent effects with a burst of delicious flavors. Nothing more one can ask.

The full-spectrum formulation of these gummies enables users to get all beneficial alkaloids naturally found in the kratom plant. The presence of all alkaloids ensures you enjoy the well-rounded kratom’s effects. 

Take one or two gummies at a time, depending on your desired effects. If you need an energy boost, taking a small dosage will help you achieve your goal. But the users who want to enjoy euphoria, relaxation, or pain relief need to take more gummies to experience the desired effects. 

Always remember, the gummies’ effects take longer to kick in; therefore, exercise patience while taking your dose through gummies. 

Product Features
  • Full-spectrum extract
  • 15mg kratom per gummy
  • Available in two delicious flavors

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