How to spot fake kratom products?

how to spot fake kratom products

Kratom is a natural compound extracted from the leaves of the Mitragynine Speciosa plant. The plant grows naturally in Southeast countries, and natives have been using it to seek energy and address various health conditions for centuries. But fake kratom products can ruin your dream of achieving your health and wellness goals.

People tired of pharmaceutical drugs’ side effects need a natural alternative to help address their medical conditions without side effects. Kratom is one of those substances that is getting popular as an alternative to conventional drugs. As more people try it, the demand for kratom products is skyrocketing. As a result, many manufacturers have entered the kratom market, but not all offer quality products. Moreover, FDA does not regulate the kratom market.

Kratom is a natural herb offering multiple benefits but choosing a quality kratom product takes time and effort. You can only select a quality kratom product if you know how to spot fake kratom products. The idea of identifying counterfeit products may sound frightening for some users, especially those new to kratom. You no need to be worried; we have covered for you. The following lines explain how to distinguish substandard, fake products. 

Is kratom a scam?

kratom scam

Every day numerous new users decide to use kratom products, and many do not know how to watch out for fake products, creating a perfect opportunity for scammers. Currently, the kratom market is unregulated, and anyone can enter the market and start selling their products. 

The market is full of kratom products, and appallingly low product prices get the attraction of unwitting customers. And what they often get either is not kratom or contains substandard content. 

Real vs fake kratom

real vs fake kratom

The imposters tactfully deceive people with tall claims and catchy labels. Yet there are ways to ensure the products you purchase boast high quality and purity. Getting genuine kratom products is essential to enjoy a real kratom experience. Knowing how scammers trick consumers can help in avoiding purchasing poor-quality products. Fake products not only pose a threat to your health and safety but also are a blatant waste of money. 

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What to look for in kratom products?

finding real kratom products

You can quickly identify genuine products if you know what to look for to spot fake products. The following tips will make choosing authentic products easier and help you enjoy the beneficial effects of kratom.

Search the company’s reviews

company reviews

You can get genuine and authentic information about a company by reading online reviews. The users’ reviews are a powerful tool for getting the necessary information to make an informed decision. 

Various individuals share personal experiences and views about a product or a brand. They express their opinions on multiple aspects of a product and service to highlight associated pros and cons. Such comments can go a long way in describing a product’s value and expectations one should have. 

You can find customers’ reviews and comments by browsing various social media platforms and review websites. Looking for others’ views on how a product worked for them and the overall experience they got would offer valuable insights into the reputation of a business. All this information can prove highly useful in determining whether you should trust a brand or product. 

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Third-party lab testing

third party lab testing

Reputable kratom companies maintain maximum transparency in their products and processes. They share maximum information on what ingredients they have used, what techniques they have applied, and how rigorous their testing procedures are. All reputable kratom brands get their products tested by independent labs and publicize their results to back their product quality, consistency, and safety claims. 

They make these reports easily accessible so existing and potential customers can review them before purchasing. These reports help users trust a product’s content, potency, and purity. Therefore, third-party lab reports act as a tool to distinguish actual products from fake ones. Independent lab testing is costly and time-consuming, but it highlights a company’s commitment to quality, consistency, and purity.

Product labels

product labels

Reading product labels is critical in identifying genuine kratom products. Often product labels contain essential information that helps users make an informed decision. You can use label information as a yardstick to identify real and fake products. Spotting tall claims on product potency and efficacy or no information should ring bells. On the other hand, a label with information on the product’s concentration and ingredients signifies a brand’s trustworthiness. 

You can compare this information listed on product labels with results of third-party lab results to ensure its accuracy and authenticity. 

Dirt low prices

Kratom products are expensive. They require importing quality raw materials from overseas destinations such as Indonesia, a specialized extraction process to separate alkaloids from the plant matter, qualified staff to handle the production process, and rigorous testing to ensure meeting high product quality standards. All this adds to the cost, resulting in increased product prices. A product with an unusually low price tag is a sign of a potentially fake product and needs to be analyzed seriously. 

Catchy claims

The imposters use specific tactics to paddle their fake kratom products, like making catch claims. If any unknown brand claims to be an industry leader or boasts a formulation that delivers miraculous effects, suspect its authenticity.

No regulatory body monitors the kratom market, and it is full of scammers and imposters. Therefore, whenever you see anything unusual, get suspicious of it and question its authenticity. 

Reputable sellers

Purchasing your kratom products from a trusted online kratom shop can prove your best bet to avoid getting compromised kratom products. Reputed sellers like Great Kratom Shop stock products that meet high product and quality standards. They offer affordable prices and ensure products reach you in the best condition. 

Moreover, online kratom shops offer a large kratom product variety, and you can easily compare and contrast the prices and other features to determine the most suitable product for you. Therefore, shopping from online kratom shops can prove your best to get quality products at affordable prices.

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Final thoughts

Kratom boasts numerous beneficial effects and fast becoming an alternative to conventional pharmaceutical drugs. The market is rife with scammers, but being attentive and mindful can help you restrict the attractive marketing offers of imposters. Choosing authentic products can boost your health and wellness and save you from a blatant loss of money.