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What is social anxiety? Can kratom help you overcome it?

what is social anxiety

Social anxiety is a personality disorder that shatters confidence and makes people fearful of social situations. This problem most often begins during teenage and could prove devastating with impacts on the entire life. Some people get out of it as they age, but others can only overcome it when they get treatment. If you lack confidence during social interactions, you can get rid of this disorder and manage its symptoms with the help of therapy.

Symptoms of social anxiety

symptoms of social anxiety

Social anxiety, more than shyness, is a persisting fear that affects every aspect of life. It shatters confidence, affects relationships, and disrupts work and school life. Many people occasionally worry about social interactions but get over it after some time. Some are overly worried about social situations and become very tense before, during, and after interacting with others.

If any of the following symptoms exist, you suffer from social anxiety.
You suffer from social anxiety if you worry about meeting strangers, starting conversations, talking over the phone, and working or shopping. People who avoid or worry a lot about social activities and feel difficulties having group conversations, eating with company, and having parties have social anxiety.

Social anxiety makes people keep worrying about doing something they think is embarrassing. They feel stressed from thoughts of looking incompetent. Doing things becomes difficult for these individuals as they keep thinking of being watched and judged by others. They have an intense fear of criticism and low self-esteem and hesitate to make eye contact.

Socially anxious people often feel sick, sweating, trembling, or have a pounding heartbeat. At worst, they get panic attacks, and for a few moments as they develop an overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety. Often social anxiety accompanies depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic disorder.

Kratom and social anxiety

can kratom help relieve social anxiety

Kratom is a plant that grows naturally in Southeast Asian countries. The herbs’ leaves contain chemical compounds called alkaloids that boast numerous health and wellness properties. One significant benefit of this plant is it elevates mood and makes people feel lively and pleasant. Moreover, it produces relaxing effects that keep one feeling relaxed and at peace. Together these properties leave a pleasing effect on the body and mind making users feel more confident and assertive.
This renewed confidence makes users more active and interacts with others without fear and anxiety. The mood elevation effect lubricates social interactions and promotes cheerful behavior making. People enjoy talking to you and feel excellent spending time in your company. With each interaction, you feel at ease and gain confidence.

How kratom addresses social anxiety

how kratom helps treat social anxiety

The advantage of treating social anxiety with kratom is it’s natural and does not have side effects. The research shows that alkaloids interact with the endogenous opioid system in two ways to produce mood-uplifting effects. The first way includes the release of a hormone called dopamine. It is a multifunctional neurotransmitter that regulates multiple body functions and processes, such as mood and muscle tension. The additional quantity of dopamine in the system makes you feel cheerful and uplifts your mood. 

The second route through which kratom regulates your mood is serotonin. A study found that kratom’s alkaloids inhibit serotonin reuptake hormones boosting its concentration and signaling capacity. Serotonin regulates mood and feelings of well-being, and its high concentration enables users to experience a mood-uplifting effect.

Best kratom strains for social anxiety

best kratom strains for social anxiety


Kratom is categorized into various strains based on its origin and age. These strains contain varying alkaloid profiles and produce distinctive effects. Choosing an appropriate strain is essential to relieving social anxiety. We have made a list of strains that can help users to overcome their fears of meeting people and being judged by others.

Red Bali Kratom

red bali kratom


Our first pick Red Bali Kratom is a typical red-vein strain that boasts potent anxiolytic effects. The strain is widely used to relieve anxiety and stress. 

High doses of Red Bali cause euphoria that helps users calm their nerves and feel confident in their skin. It prompts them to engage in conversation by lifting the undue pressure off them. A dose of this strain makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and helps maintain calm and composure. 

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Green Malay Kratom

green malay kratom


Green Malay Kratom offers well-rounded effects. The combination of stimulation and euphoric effects will make you feel motivated, active, and more confident. The balanced effects of Green Malay Kratom facilitate users to interact with others. It diminishes fears of what other will think and help you maintain your composure. 

Green Malay Kratom best suits users with mild to moderate symptoms of social anxiety.

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Maeng Da Kratom

maeng da kratom

Maeng Da is a popular kratom strain that boasts the highest alkaloid content. The potent effects of this strain can help users diffuse anxiety and stress during social interactions. Its energy-uplifting, mood elevation, and motivation-boosting effects encourage users to interact with people around them.

The increased focus and sense of comfort prompt, friendly conversations and make others love your company.

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