How to find the best kratom brand?

Kratom is a plant that grows naturally in the Southeast region countries. People in the USA use it as an alternative therapy for pain relief and other beneficial effects. The fear of pharmaceutical drugs’ side effects pushes people to natural holistic medicines. The desire to enjoy improved health and wellness without any harsh aftereffects drives the popularity of kratom in the USA. 

Kratom is relatively new to the USA market. The FDA does not regulate it, which means the market operates without any regulatory supervision. Without any entry requirements or barriers, anyone can enter the market and manufacture and offer their products. That makes choosing kratom products challenging, especially for new users. 

The following lines share tips and tricks to help you find the best kratom brand you can trust. We will walk you through all the essential checks you need to make before choosing a kratom brand for your health and wellness. 

GMP manufacturing

Because FDA does not monitor the kratom market, there are no requirements to fulfill before entering the market. The market is rife with low-quality and counterfeit products. It does not mean that kratom products are not safe for human consumption. Some manufacturers follow the best processes and practices to produce high-quality and safe products. Moreover, many kratom brands follow the ‘Good Manufacturing Standard Practice Program’ (GMP) to ensure the sourcing and manufacturing of safe, high-quality kratom products for consumers.

The responsibility of finding quality products solely rests with users. One hallmark of responsible manufacturing and trust is the GMP seal. The brands that follow GMP manufacturing are trustworthy, and their products are safe and reliable.

Third-party lab testing

All reputed brands offer products with independent third-party lab results. The best kratom brands are highly transparent and get each product batch tested to demonstrate its ingredients and the presence of toxic compounds. These reports help users discover product potency, purity, and safety.

Therefore, independent third-party lab testing is another sign that allows users to trust a brand for their products’ quality, potency, purity, and safety.

Online Reputation

If you need help finding a kratom brand boasting quality, consistency, or purity of a kratom brand. The best way to assess their quality claims is by finding out what other people say about them. Customers’ reviews are a powerful tool to know about the quality and safety of a brand.

The users often share their opinions on their experience of using a product. Their comments are insightful and shed light on various aspects of a brand and their products. You can quickly know by reading through their thoughts and what to expect from a brand. The best brands often garner a lot of favorable reviews and positive evaluations. Therefore, these customer reviews can help you judge the brand’s online reputation. 


If you come across kratom products with extraordinarily low prices, suspect them and seriously evaluate their quality and ingredients. Counterfeit brands often attract customers’ attention by offering low prices that do not make sense.

Kratom extraction and product manufacturing is a costly process where manufacturers bear various costs to maintain their products’ high quality and consistency. You might get a product at an amazingly low price, but it is not sure if you will get kratom from such products.

You can save yourself from purchasing a low-quality substandard product by preventing yourself from getting into the trap of low prices.

Miraculous claims

Another feature of best brands is they do not make tall claims of miraculous benefits. Any brand or product making such claims should ring the bell and should not fall to these claims. The claims of perfect pain relief or the best sleep aid could be marketing gimmicks to draw attention and influence users to purchase the product. 

Reputed brands never mislead their users through unrealistic claims, and they always transparently list their ingredients and describe their benefits without overstating the facts. 

Best kratom brands in the market

Many kratom brands are the best due to their high quality, consistency, purity, and potency. These brands use proprietary extraction methods, unique formations, research, and development to develop distinctive products and establish a competitive advantage. We list a few of them here to compile a brief list of the best brands you can trust.


OPMS stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions. The company is a trusted manufacturer of quality kratom products. Their dedication to quality and innovation has given the term ‘optimized’ new meanings. The high quality, consistency, and potency of their products set them apart from other products in the market. 

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Their success lies in an in-house innovative extraction method that allows them to separate maximum alkaloids from the plant matter without damaging their integrity. 

They have three well-known product lines: OPMS Gold, OPMS Silver, and OPMS Black, that got everything you need to enjoy a premium kratom experience. You can try their products in powder, capsules, and liquid forms. 

We believe innovative proprietary extraction methods, product formulations, and dedication to product quality have made OPMS a top brand in the kratom market.

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Happy Hippo

Happy Hippo is another reputed kratom brand that has won the trust with their high product quality, consistency, and purity. Their products are 100% organic, free of toxic compounds and heavy metals, and offer users an unforgettable kratom experience.

They have focused on innovation, product quality, and variety. Therefore you can find unique flavors, formulations, and a vast product line. Their products are tailored to meet users’ specific needs making them distinctive among other kratom products in the market.

They go the greater length to ensure their products boast high quality and are safe for consumption. They treat all product batches at 170 degrees to kill pathogens without damaging the alkaloid profile. Happy Hippo invests heavily in research and development and constantly pushes quality to the next level.

Mystic Labs


Mystic Labs have perfected the craft of extraction and manufacturing natural compounds such as Delta 8 and Delta 9. Later, they moved to the kratom market and used their experience to produce products that boast high quality and offer a premium kratom experience. 

Their large in-house manufacturing facility and dedication to quality give them a competitive advantage over others. The presence of food scientists, research and development experts, formulators, and quality assurance managers helps them offer the highest quality innovative products. 

They bring their knowledge of cannabis extracts to the formulation of kratom products. Their Trifecta product line offers combined benefits of Delta 8, CBD, and kratom alkaloids in shots and gummies. There are varying flavors and formulations for users to choose from and enjoy the kratom experience the way they like the most. 

If you want a quality kratom experience, Mystic Labs is a brand that will never disappoint you. 

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Blaze Kratom

Blaze Kratom is another brand specializing in kratom gummies, tablets, and liquid extract shots. They pack their products in shatterproof bottles, resealable lids, and compact packages, making them the most suitable products for an on-the-go experience. 

Blaze Kratom claims to use a cold water extraction method. It is a highly effective way to extract maximum alkaloids, and OPMS is the only company claiming to use this method. This kratom brand offers highly competitive products that perform far superior to similar products on the market. 

Hush Kratom

Hush kratom has earned a reputation due to their passion for bringing the best and newest products to the market. The use of premium quality ingredients and the application of food-grade solvents to separate alkaloids from the plant matter have made them one of the high-rated kratom brands.

They are highly committed to transparency and quality and get all their products lab-tested to ensure meeting high standards of quality, purity, and safety. 

Hush Kratom has an extensive product line offering users a reasonably large product choice. Their products are highly potent and offer users an excellent kratom experience. The focus on product quality, purity, and safety has made Hush Kratom a fast-selling brand.