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Happy Hippo brand review: Do their products worth purchasing?

Happy Hippo has established itself as a trusted brand in a short time. Their focus on quality, purity, and innovation has set them apart from the other brands in the market. Social media platforms are rife with positive comments from users. People describe their experience of Happy Hippo products as exceptional, which talks a volume of their product quality, consistency, and safety.

What is Happy Hippo?

Happy Hippo is a kratom manufacturing brand established in 2013. Starting as a small business run from the home basement, Happy Hippo Herbals have covered a long distance to become one of the most popular kratom brands in 2022. They gradually expanded and now have a full office and a warehouse, and recently they added a manufacturing laboratory accredited by the American Kratom Association. 

What makes Happy Hippo a famous kratom brand?

Multiple factors helped Happy Hippo win the trust of the users. Let’s talk about those factors briefly.

Need-based products

Happy Hippo designs and manufactures a product to fulfill a specific user’s need. Instead of one size fits all, they have heavily customized their products to meet the varying needs of their customers. For example, suppose someone needs an energy boost. In that case, they can pick Happy Hippo kratom products that meet their energy needs and allow them to choose from slow, moderate, and peak energy variations. 

You can name a need, and Happy Hippo has a customized product to meet that need. 

Product Variety

Happy Hippo offers an extensive product line. You can find almost every kratom strain in varying product forms, such as kratom powder, capsules, liquid extract shots, and gummies. Their product line consists of sixty-two products. They have something for everyone. 

Product Quality

They take the quality of their products very seriously. Beginning with sourcing premium quality kratom from Indonesia, they follow Golden Manufacturing Processes (GMP) to deliver exceptional quality and consistent products. 

They treat all their products at 170 degrees to ensure they are pathogens-free. All Happy Hippo products are third-party lab tested for salmonella, E. coli, and heavy metals. Happy Hippo believes in offering 100% unadulterated pure kratom products. They never use additives and cheap botanical fillers. 

Research & development

The secret of Happy Hippo’s success and growing popularity lies in their quest to find the best for kratom users. They invest in research and development to get products with incredible effects and flavors. For example, they released the White Thai leaf in 2019. They heavily tested samples from various farms and eventually chose Lightening Hippo. It offers a clean energy boost without any jitters. Happy Hippo worked for almost a year to develop a natural flavor made of Sativa and other ingredients. The goal was to offer users a flavorful kratom experience who dislike the bitter kratom taste. They provide a natural flavor that is 100% sugar-free and perfectly aligns with the requirements of healthy lifestyles.

Their intense research and development allow them to introduce unique effects and delicious flavors. 

Innovative products

Their innovative products are one of the reasons why Happy Hippo products are widely popular. You can get from their products that one else can offer. Their products provide clean, potent effects and mouthwatering flavors. If you prefer sugar-free flavored kratom, their Flavored Kratom, made from Sativa and other natural ingredients, offers delicious natural flavor. 

Many people do not like the bitter kratom taste; Happy Hippo offers them numerous products that mask that bitter taste. To invoke feelings of nostalgia, they offer poppers similar to the late 90s and early 2000s infused with a kratom dose. Kratom chew toffee is Happy Hippo’s yet another innovative product that allows users to chew delicious toffee to take their kratom dose. 

Extraction method

Like other reputed kratom manufacturers, Happy Hippo has developed a proprietary extraction process. It allows them to extract maximum alkaloids from the plant matter without damaging the alkaloid profile. 

They use food-graded solvents to extract kratom alkaloids which help keep their products safe from hazardous chemicals. 

GMP-compliant manufacturing 

The best kratom vendors are certified by American Kratom Association. Happy Hippo has raised the bar too high and developed their cleanest and safest processes to meet the requirements of GMP compliance. 

They made enormous investments, and it took them a long to meet the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices. Their GMP standard operating procedures are accredited by an independent third-party auditor and the American Kratom Association. Happy Hippo’s GMP-compliant manufacturing ensures their products meet the highest quality and safety standards. 


Happy Hippo is a very transparent company that shares all essential information with their customers. You can easily find information on how they source their raw materials, what treatments they carry out, and many more from their website. 

They work hard to manufacture high-quality kratom products and never overstate anything regarding their production processes and products. The commitment to transparency and quality has helped Happy Hippo win the customers’ trust and praise. No wonder word of mouth has been the most significant source of new customers. 


The prices of Happy Hippo are relatively higher than other similar products on the market. But there is a reason for this price difference. Happy Hippo never cut corners in whatever process they undertake while importing raw materials and manufacturing kratom products. Their products are manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility. They get each batch of their products tested to ensure the quality, consistency, and safety of their products. 

Moreover, their products are highly pure, free of additives, and without cheap botanical fillers. If you prefer high-quality and safe products, then their products are worth a high price. 

Happy Hippo Kratom products

Happy Hippo offers an extensive product line that consists of 62 products. They have developed their products around users’ needs. It is straightforward and convenient even for new users to pick a suitable product for their consumption. The following are a few of their most famous products.

Flavored Kratom Green Maeng Da Kratom

Happy Hippo has done a great job manufacturing 100% sugar-free flavor from Sativa and other natural ingredients. You will enjoy a flavorful kratom experience without compromising your health. Happy Hippo Flavored Kratom is free of cheap, unhealthy processed sugars, and this product can perfectly fit your healthy lifestyle.

The natural flavor will surprise you. You can use this kratom to get the energy to take on an arduous daily task. Green Maeng Da is a number one motivation strain. This kratom strain offers balanced effects and provides the mental focus and energy one needs to perform optimally during the day. 

Flavored kratom, also known as Hyper Hippo, comes in two delicious flavors: Strawberry Limeade and Pineapple Grapefruit. You can get this premium quality kratom powder for $26.99 from the Great Kratom Shop.

Happy Hippo Kratom Taffy Chews

Happy Hippo Kratom Taffy Chews is another innovative product we included in this review. These taffies come in a bag of six pieces, and each candy offers 20mg of full-spectrum kratom extract. 

Happy Hippo has formulated these candies for users who hate the bitter kratom taste and messing with powder. These Taffy Chews offer delicious taste and incredible convenience for taking a kratom dose. 

Happy Hippo candies mimic old candies and deliver a potent kratom experience, along with invoking nostalgic feelings. You can relive your childhood memories while taking a premium kratom dose. These tasty treats are available for $19.99.

Happy Hippo Full-Spectrum Kratom Shot

Happy Hippo Full-Spectrum Kratom Shot comes in a 10ml bottle. It contains full-spectrum alkaloids and offers a potent kratom experience.

Instead of isolating two alkaloids –  mitragynine and 7 hydroxy mitragynine, Happy Hippo extracts total alkaloids from kratom leaves. This liquid kratom extract contains 60mg of mitragynine, equivalent to 4 grams of powder. 

The highly concentrated nature of this kratom makes this shot more potent than powder form. This extract is perfect for getting an energy boost. Veteran users can take the entire shot in one go. This shot is highly concentrated, and you can easily overdose it.

You can get this Happy Hippo Full-Spectrum Kratom Shot for $14.99 or full case consisting of 12 pieces for $155.99.